December Crafternoon

december2013_crafternoon_001 december2013_crafternoon_002 december2013_crafternoon_003 december2013_crafternoon_004 december2013_crafternoon_005I don’t think I’ve written about Heidi’s crafternoons in awhile. I missed last months, and the month before was just crazy pants for me.

This month’s crafternoon was Christmas themed and we made cardboard Putz Houses. It was a kinda intricate craft and a bit frustrating, but still fun as usual. Everyone also brought cookies for a cookie swap (that I was totally unprepared for), and they all looked SO YUMMY!

I always forget how much I miss seeing everyone until after I leave one of these events. I can’t wait until the next one!

May Crafternoon

crafternoon_051913_001 crafternoon_051913_002 crafternoon_051913_003 crafternoon_051913_004 crafternoon_051913_005Look! I actually took nice enough photos at this months crafternoon! I kinda was on the ball and remembered my camera. Woohoo! (This is a big milestone for me, seriously big).

This months crafternoon was embroidery themed. Heidi provided all the materials and patterns and just let us do our thing while chatting away. It was a bit earlier in the day than it usually is, so I was kinda tired (I’m not a morning person) but I was totally fine with that since the earlier time meant people who normally couldn’t come, could.

I was also jolted awake a bit by all the awesome gluten free treats that were offered! Heidi made gluten free coffee cake (I should have asked to take some home!). Tasha made gluten free orange scones (which I DID take home and am still eating here and there) and Molly made sure her egg casserole was GF. How sweet are these girls? My plan was just to eat beforehand and then afterwards, but instead I was able to indulge in things I don’t get to eat often! Thank you girls!!! Oh and the cat donuts Heidi made weren’t gluten free, but I still had the pleasure of staring at their cuteness the entire time.

The embroidery part was really nice and calming. I usually do this type of craft at home, alone, while watching TV. It was neat doing it while talking to others. I might want to do that again. Maybe I can try a Skype type of thing? An internet embroidery/cross stitch party? Hmmm.

I missed last months crafternoon due to my irrational fear of getting sick and possibly having to reschedule my endoscopy again. (I know, super crazy, but I just had to do it) I’m really happy I was able to go to this months. I needed to get out socially and interact with other like minded people. Working from home can really get to a person sometimes. Especially when your only interaction with others is the people you live with and online social networks. I absolutely love being able to interact with everyone online, but it sure is nice to hear a real laugh instead of “haha” and see real facial expressions instead of emoticons. I’m beyond thankful for it all.

Ok, I’m done being sappy now, I think I’m going to go look into this Skype thing…

Super Colorful Macarons

This months Crafternoon was Easter themed (as I mentioned in yesterdays post), so I wanted to make macarons that were as colorful as Easter eggs!

My first attempt was the swirly ones, which are plain ole almond flavored with a coconut butter cream filling in teal. I pictured something completely different than what came out, which I was totally fine with because these were still fun! Only a few from that batch came out, because it seems one of my ovens is not working properly and I didn’t figure that out until halfway through the second color!!!

The second color/flavor combo I made were the purple ones. They are cinnamon maple flavored with bright pink cinnamon butter cream filling (these are a favorite in my house! they are like cinnamon waffles!). I thought those were the only two colors I was going to make, until I figured out the oven thing and had to make a third batch! The third batch were the bright pink ones which were orange flavored with bright yellow vanilla butter cream filling! I ended up with a bunch of those!!

I was super happy with the way these came out in the end. I have finally mastered using the piping bag with no mess, which mostly means uniformed shells! I am also more confidant with how much coloring I use, so now my macarons are super vibrant and fun!

I will be making a few more batches this week for an upcoming get together and neighbor gifts, so expect another macaron post soon!!

 On a side note, I liked the first photo so much that I added it to my Society6 shop so I could have an iphone case made of it! If by chance any of you would be interested in something like that too (or a print), then just click here

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March Crafternoon

Above it the one and only good (enough) photo I took this month at Heidi’s crafternoon! I even brought my camera, but forgot about it once all the festivities began. I seriously am way too absent minded these days.

This months crafternoon was all about Easter. There were adorable Easter decorations everywhere, plus awesome awesome colorful sweets to eat. If you need a visual, Heidi did a post about it yesterday with some great photos! The craft this time around was dying Easter eggs, something I haven’t done in years! I didn’t know we were supposed to bring eggs (absent minded, again!) so I “borrowed” some of Katie’s home grown eggs!! (thank you again Katie!) They were sooo small and cute! Plus they were all different natural colors. I felt they needed to be super simple and modern for some then layering the different tones. I loved the way they came out! I now feel like this might be the year we start dying eggs at home too, I think CT would love it.

The past couple of crafternoon’s there has been a white elephant gift exchange, which has been super awesome! We can bring anything handmade, thrifted or just bought that is around $10. I usually leave with something food related, and have been happy every time. Plus I get to make something that is for an unknown recipient, I really like that. It forces me to think outside my normal making box.

This time around Heidi tried something different. Instead of the normal gift, we were to bring Easter baskets filled with whatever we wanted. I actually struggled with this a bit at first, apparently I thrive on limits and rules when it comes to blind gift giving, but in the end I decided to do mostly handmade items.

I didn’t do a traditional basket, because I knew I wouldn’t be able to fill it. So instead I did a little bucket. I added some candy, a cast plastic brooch, hairpin, and a ring. I also made a little clay Pyrex brooch (please don’t mind the painting, I haven’t even held a teeny paint brush in almost 8 years) and a set of Pyrex themed pot holders. I hoped the handmade nature of it all would make up the baskets lack of size! Ha.

The recipient who ended up with my “basket” really seemed to like it, which always makes me happy! The basket I got was also really sweet! It contained a bunch of candy (that CT has been getting at), adorable egg ornaments, a little wooden puzzle, sunflower growing kit and some Biggs and Featherbelle soap (which was the main factor in my choosing that particular basket, I LOVE their products!). I seriously made out in this deal.

As always I really enjoyed my day and can’t wait for the next one! I’m already thinking of what I’ll bake and what I might make as my gift. Thank you again everywhere, especially Heidi!

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October Crafternoon

Heidi’s crafternoon this month was Halloween themed! Everyone brought loads of goodies as you can see above. It all looked so neat on the table. I wasn’t really able to eat any of it (except a gluten free soup that Heidi made, thank you btw!!), but I heard it all tasted great. Tasha made cupcakes, Paige made “bloody” coconut cookie balls and I made the jack-o-lantern macarons (I’ll post more about those later this week). Molly put together those adorable little treat bags (that CT stole and devoured, I got the cool vampire teeth at least). Lindsey also put together little goodies bags that I didn’t get a photo of, but she was super sweet and put together a gluten free version for me! These girls are soo nice!! Heidi provided the donuts and stew, and Meri made the pumpkin dip that you can see above in the skull dish!! It was so festive, I had to take loads of pictures!

The craft this time around was to make little halloween themed figures, corsages or ornaments. There were loads of supplies to choose from, and we could make whatever we wanted. It was a little overwhelming, but fun at the same time. I’m usually very structured when it comes to crafting, so this was a nice step outside my comfort zone.

I made the three little guys above. The one on the left was made out of a spun cotton figure that Heidi put together ahead of time. I kinda thinks she looks like a mix of a witch and a vegas showgirl. The other two figures were made out of pipe cleaners and other random supplies, I have no idea what they may or may not be, haha.

I’m finally putting up our halloween tree this week (I know I know, I’m behind, I blame vacation) and I was thinking these little guys would make great ornaments! It shouldn’t be too hard to sew/glue some loops on the top of each one.

Anyway, as always I loved seeing everyone and enjoyed myself very much. It was a nice end to my hectic and exhausting week and I can’t wait until the next one. Thank you again to all the girls (and guy) that make these get togethers so nice. You’re all awesome!

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My Weekend: Two Parties In Two Days

This weekend was crazy, awesome and exhausting all at the time! Two Parties in Two Days!

Saturday was Heidi’s September crafternoon. I seriously look forward to these every month. I’ve said it before, but there’s no harm in saying it again, all the girls (and guy) who come to these crafternoons are so nice!

The food as always was really good! Heidi was super sweet again and made a gluten free lasagna that was awesome! I miss pasta. I was able to bring home some leftovers too and am totally having some for lunch later. She also made salad and a cake that looked soo pretty! I can tell you the icing was really good, and I assume the cake was even better!

The craft this time around was felted acorns! I’ve always wanted to make felted beads, and this is pretty much the same thing. You can see step by step instructions on Amanda’s and Heidi’s blogs. It was a lot of fun and super easy! Katie C. provided piles of acorn caps, so we were able to make a bunch. I made all the ones pictured above. I plan on keeping them all in a mason jar in the library. I may also see if Katie has any leftover because I kinda want to make more!! (hint hint)

I can’t wait until next months crafternoon, it’s Halloween themed, and I love Halloween!!

Sunday was another fun day for us. Katie H.’s kids had an ice cream themed birthday party that CT was invited to. It was her first non family birthday party. She LOVED it!

It was a two stop party, with the first stop being at one of the local frozen yogurt places. The kind were you pick out your ice cream and topping all yourself. CT had an interesting concoction of vanilla, cookies & cream and strawberry shortcake with a bunch of strawberries, mango boba and sprinkles on top. I had pumpkin spice and cheesecake which was really good together (and were both few gluten free ones).

The second stop was in downtown Frederick at Baker Park. It was great because the kids were able to go crazy after having all that sugar at the fro-yo place! Good idea guys!! CT met some new kids and I met some new parents, it was really nice! CT really did have loads of fun, she’s still talking about it all today and will probably keep talking about it until the next time we see some kids.

Even though I’m super exhausted right now, I’m glad we did everything we did this weekend! Next weekend looks like its adding up to be just as awesome.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who made these past two days so nice, you guys are all awesome!!!!!

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