Paper Inspiration: Concrete Geometric

I have been coveting Concrete Geometric’s¬†planters and vases since the second I saw them! They are totally my style. Plus they are made using molds, and you guys know how I feel about that!!! LOVE!



I think the only reason I haven’t purchased one yet is because I haven’t really purchased ANYTHING for myself lately. I kinda put myself on a personal spending freeze so I can save for upcoming trips and some new equipment.

However I must dream about these things. When I was going through the Silhouette Design store looking for files for an upcoming project I saw a 3D paper succulent cut file and my absolute first thought was Concrete Geometric’s planters. I mean it only took seconds to think of how to make a paper version.

concretegeometric_005concretegeometric_004I used my Silhouette Portrait and cut files from the Silhouette Design Store to make this. It seriously only took me about 5 minutes total. I’m not even familiar with folding or manipulating paper!!

  • For the succulent I used thick textured cardstock and the 3D succulent plant cut file (which I reduced 75% in size).
  • For the faux concrete planter I used Silhouette brand chipboard and the 3D Pentagon cut file¬†(which I reduced to fit on an 8.5″x12″ piece of chipboard since I have the Portrait)
  • I used super fast drying Tacky Glue for all the seams and for attaching all of the leaves. There may have been a better glue to use, but I’m still learning. I think it worked out pretty nice though since it has handled being dropped a few times by a toddler.

concretegeometric_003I absolutely adore how the little faux plant came out. I was planning on placing it on one of the shelves in my living room, but CT claimed it as her own and it’s now living in her bedroom. Which basically means I really need to get the real thing!!!!

The top two photos were used with permission from Concrete Geometric, and I asked the owner permission to write about this post beforehand!

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2014 – 2015 Silhouette Design Team

I have some super exciting news to share!!!

About a month ago Silhouette America (the company that makes that awesome little machine I use) put out a call for their 2014/2015 Design Team. The whole thing sounded like a lot of fun, and would force me to think outside of my little Art School Dropout world. I sent in my application and crossed my fingers and toes…


…which apparently worked, because I am proud to announce that I am now part of Silhouette America’s 2014 – 2015 Design Team!!

Now you may ask, what exactly does this mean? Well, it means I will be contributing project ideas and tutorials on their blog (and sometimes my own) using my Portrait and a huge array of Silhouette products. I’ve already started brainstorming, and I’m even prepping for my first project.

I am seriously SO excited to be included in this awesome team (I’ve been visiting all of the other girls blogs too) and can’t wait to show you whats coming!!!