Jack-O’-Lantern Macarons

For this past weekends crafternoon, I thought it would be neat to make some halloween themed goodies. I was originally going to try a chocolate pumpkin pie recipe I saw online, but I didn’t have much time since our plane got in late on Friday and the party was Saturday. I can almost make macarons in my sleep, so I went ahead and made them instead.

I had the idea while we were away to add little faces to some of the macarons. I had always seen those Wilton Foodwriter markers while craft supply shopping, so I thought those might work. I made sure we stopped by AC Moore after we left the airport Friday, totally cutting it close! Ha!

They totally worked! I had to be very gentle, otherwise I’d have cracked the shell of the cookies. They don’t smudge, or run. It was actually a lot of fun making sure all the faces were different. Some were sad, some were happy, and one was crazy! I really love how they came out. I made a bunch for the party, a few for my neighbors (they were awesome and picked up all my UPS packages while we were gone) and a few for my family.

The orange ones are pumpkin spice flavored with chocolate buttercream as the filing, and the black ones are chocolate flavored with vanilla buttercream as the filling. All the colors came out exactly as I pictured, and so did the little faces. I really need to find other uses for these pens, their awesome!


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October Crafternoon

Heidi’s crafternoon this month was Halloween themed! Everyone brought loads of goodies as you can see above. It all looked so neat on the table. I wasn’t really able to eat any of it (except a gluten free soup that Heidi made, thank you btw!!), but I heard it all tasted great. Tasha made cupcakes, Paige made “bloody” coconut cookie balls and I made the jack-o-lantern macarons (I’ll post more about those later this week). Molly put together those adorable little treat bags (that CT stole and devoured, I got the cool vampire teeth at least). Lindsey also put together little goodies bags that I didn’t get a photo of, but she was super sweet and put together a gluten free version for me! These girls are soo nice!! Heidi provided the donuts and stew, and Meri made the pumpkin dip that you can see above in the skull dish!! It was so festive, I had to take loads of pictures!

The craft this time around was to make little halloween themed figures, corsages or ornaments. There were loads of supplies to choose from, and we could make whatever we wanted. It was a little overwhelming, but fun at the same time. I’m usually very structured when it comes to crafting, so this was a nice step outside my comfort zone.

I made the three little guys above. The one on the left was made out of a spun cotton figure that Heidi put together ahead of time. I kinda thinks she looks like a mix of a witch and a vegas showgirl. The other two figures were made out of pipe cleaners and other random supplies, I have no idea what they may or may not be, haha.

I’m finally putting up our halloween tree this week (I know I know, I’m behind, I blame vacation) and I was thinking these little guys would make great ornaments! It shouldn’t be too hard to sew/glue some loops on the top of each one.

Anyway, as always I loved seeing everyone and enjoyed myself very much. It was a nice end to my hectic and exhausting week and I can’t wait until the next one. Thank you again to all the girls (and guy) that make these get togethers so nice. You’re all awesome!

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August Crafternoon

I meant to write more about Heidi’s crafternoon in the last post, but I got a little side tracked by my macaron pictures. Plus CT woke up early, so I had to cut the post short so we could start our morning. It’s now the late afternoon and I’m getting a slight break to “play” on the computer!

Every crafternoon has a set project, and this months was fabric covered button hairbands. I also brought along some of those plastic bezel pieces I made a few months back to try out. You can see one in white in the photo above, bottom left corner. Anyway, it was a nice project that did not result in any injuries. We were asked to bring some scrap fabric and Heidi provided the rest. As always it was fun! The project wasn’t as intense as past months which meant everyone was able to socialize more, which is always the best part of these get togethers!

The food was great again too! I have been having issues with gluten for awhile, so when I go places I don’t expect to actually get to enjoy things. Well, thats not the case for these parties. Everyone is so thoughtful and accommodating. I was able to enjoy a cheesy potato soup (with full on fixing bar) and a piece of povlova made by Heidi, and an awesome veggie wrap using gluten free tortilla by Molly. I of course was also able to enjoy my own macarons since they are also gluten free!

I’m so glad I get to go to these things. Thank you Heidi! I’m already excited about next months crafternoon, I really enjoy everyone that attends and I almost always get to meet someone new! If you live in an area with loads of crafty people, I totally suggest trying these types of get together! Were all so attached to our computers all the time that its nice to get out and see people face to face!

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Teal Macarons

This past weekend Heidi had another one of her monthly crafternoons, and I wanted to make some macarons again!

I was too busy last month, but this weekend I had more time since the get together was later in the afternoon. That meant I could make them the morning of, instead of the night before.

I got lazy and made the same flavor combo from the macaron party I threw a few months back. These smurf looking macarons are pumpkin spice flavored with vanilla chai butter cream filling! I doubled the amount of spices this time around and was very happy with the results!! I think everyone else liked them too (or they were just being very nice!). The teal color has nothing to do with the flavor by the way! I just really wanted to make brightly colored macarons. Ha.

Oh and of course I had to some some up close pretty pictures of the cookies! I have that new camera now, I better as well use it right! Haha!

and just for fun check out this animated gif I made in photoshop! I put my camera on continious shot and took photos while my mixer was on the highest speed.

Anyway, I want to make another flavor combo soon, any idea? something fruity maybe?

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