My Modcloth “Make the Cut” Submission

v notch dressModcloth does this thing called “Make the Cut” every so often, where they open up submissions for a new clothing design to be sold on their website. This time around they did something a bit different. They provided a template of an existing dress and asked for fabric designs for the said dress. The illustration above was my first submission.

v notch dress

You had the option to submit five designs total and I figured “why not!”. I really liked the way they came out, so I also wanted to share them here. Submissions are closed and they won’t announce the 10 semi-finalist until March 3rd. I’m still on a mission to make most of my own clothes, so I figured no matter what I can use these sketchups as inspiration for my own dresses.

v notch dressLast night I came up with this design using my Daily Uniform fabric mixed in with some dark gray stripes. I’m thinking of sewing it up using a skater dress style pattern and some knit interlock fabric. For fun I used the Modcloth template to see how it would look first! I think this one is getting moved up the “to do list”, I really do love me some striped dresses!