Shop Update: Happy Clouds

cloudmonsterneck_halfsprinkles_004cloudmonsterneck_tangerineglitter_001 cloudmonsterneck_heartstarsrainbow_002I’ve been kinda absent on the internets lately, it’s been partially due to a ridiculous cold/stomach flu I had last week and then the fact that it was my husbands birthday this past Monday! We like to do birthday weeks, but he’s on call for work this week, so it ended up just being a birthday weekend. We spent the entire weekend out and about, it was exhausting and nice at the same time.

I’m kinda spending this week catching up on orders and shop stuff. It’s been pretty dreary lately, but I caught about a half hours worth of daylight yesterday for photos.  Which meant I was able to add a few Monster Cloud Necklaces to the shop!! Sprinkles, confetti and glitter, oh my!

If I can catch a few more rays of sunlight, I may add some more. We’ll see…

Wallpaper and Wall Decals!

Today Spoonflower announced that they would now be offering both custom wallpaper AND wall decals! How cool is that?!? I was asked awhile back to be a beta tester, and I’ve been keeping this secret for over a year! I’m so excited to finally share a few of the pieces I worked on. Today I will share some of my own favorites.

The Wonky Woodgrain above I actually created specifically for wallpaper, I really wanted the dark gray for my dining room. I ordered the swatch and was about to order the 8 huge rolls needed to do it, but then I changed my mind. I ended up painting the walls the same color, just no squiggly woodgrain lines. I’m still trying to find a place in my house for this paper… maybe as an accent wall? or in my soon to be new sewing room? I’ll figure it out.

I’ve also made it so most of my other fabric designs can be used as wallpaper too. Not all of them worked well, and I tweaked some to make sure the pattern wasn’t too big or too small. I’m really happy with the way they all came out. Oh and now you can also purchase monster decals and growth charts to go with the fabric!!

I also created an alphabet wall decal set that coordinates with most of my girl themed monster fabrics. I actually ordered a set for CT’s room that I will show once we finish painting her room. (and that won’t be until we have a free weekend!!) Each letter is around 8″ tall. and can be cut out and configured anyway you like. The decals feel a lot like fabric is don’t rip easily, Oh and they can re-positioned numerous times! I’ve been testing them!

As you can tell from this post, I’m super excited! I just wish I had more time in the day to do all the projects I want to do. I would seriously make so many things out of wallpaper.

Is anyone going to try out Spoonflower’s new wallpaper or decals? Have you already tried? I’d love to see!!

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