Spring Quilt Market 2016 – Camp Moda Merit Badges


I haven’t talked too much about Quilt Market, YET. Mostly because I haven’t finished editing and organizing all the amazing photos.

In the meantime I figured I’d share some of the neat things that came home with me!

Today I wanted to show these adorable iron-on merit badges Moda Fabrics was giving out at each of their designers booths. It was part of their Market theme, which was Camp Moda.

CampModa_002They gave buyers (shop owners) these adorable tote bags that had sash like handles with pre printed spots for all of these patches to go. It made it look like a Girl Scout sash.

I’ve always loved patches, as I talked about here, and now that I am a Girl Scout leader myself, I am OBSESSED with patches. So when I heard they were giving them away at their booths, I went to check it out.


Most of the designers were handing out the badges themselves, instead of just keeping them in bowls. I liked this because it forced you to chat and get to know each one a little. I get chatty fast, so I REALLY got to know some of them!

That was a brilliant idea Moda had. It made you put a face and personality to each upcoming line. I also found out, from chatting with everyone so much, that most of them chose the designs or sayings themselves. One more cool point there.

CampModa_005 CampModa_004


These top three were my favorite badges. I may break them away from the pack and use them on a bag or something.


The rest of them are going on a mini quilt made just for them, and it will hang in my sewing room on this super teeny wall I have. I’ll probably finish it before Spring Market 2019.

Oh and one last really neat thing about these patches is some of them are available to purchase in three packs at your local quilt shop!!! (the link is just to show what the packs look like) I already saw some at Web Fabrics, which is my local shop, front and center when you first walk in. If you NEED a set of your own, just give your local shop a call!!

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The Sewing Party: How to Make Your Own Patches


I have been a bit behind due to travel and catching a cold, so I missed posting about my October blog post on the Sewing Party blog.

I showed how you can use a domestic embroidery machine to make your very own iron on patches. Even if you don’t have a machine, it’s still neat to learn about, I promise!

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