A Pink Couch?

This past weekend, I was taking a very short break from sewing to look at this years Ikea catalog. Normally I sit down and look through the entire thing the second I get it, but this year I just didn’t care as much. Maybe because I know exactly what I need for my house? (for once) I don’t know, but I’ll get back to my story now…

While flipping through I saw that the couch we currently have has new cover options. I absolutely LOVE the current cover, it’s the perfect gray and it goes with everything we have. However it IS NOT toddler friendly, enough. It’s a bit heather-ed, so it hides the small stains, but it does not hide the big “I spilled an entire cup of chocolate milk on the couch” stains. Also, I just like to change things around a bit, and two covers means I could switch back in forth!!

The exact cover that caught my attention was the one above, a bright, solid pink-red cover! PINK! I’m not normally a pink furniture person. I was reluctant to even put it in CT’s room before she was born, until I realized I was being a huge jerk. Now I want it in my main room, the room I see all day, everyday? Maybe I have a brain tumor that’s making me have weird color cravings?

My husband, knowing I normally don’t steer us wrong, said “sure, why not?” So of course I made sure to first go look at all my color options, do a mock-up and even lay some fabric on our current couch to see how I felt. I could have just been mesmerized by the Ikea catalog? We don’t know.

None of it helped. It actually made it worse! Now I have three colors I can’t decide on!!

Above is a photo of the current color couch cover (say that 5 times fast!!). Below are the three, very quick, mock-ups I did…

Ok, so the Plum and Dark Teal are not made by Ikea, but instead by a furniture cover company that specializes in Ikea covers called Bemz. Their a teeny bit more money, but you have hundreds of solid, and patterned, choices!!!

It looks like I’m mostly leaning towards the plum, which happens to be my favorite color, but those Teal and Pink covers are still interesting to me! Grrr. Were in no rush to decide, luckily (unless CT spills something way worse than chocolate milk… ) So I have time to just stare at the mock-ups and figure it all out.

I will ask you though, If this were your home, what color would you go with?

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Wallpaper and Wall Decals!

Today Spoonflower announced that they would now be offering both custom wallpaper AND wall decals! How cool is that?!? I was asked awhile back to be a beta tester, and I’ve been keeping this secret for over a year! I’m so excited to finally share a few of the pieces I worked on. Today I will share some of my own favorites.

The Wonky Woodgrain above I actually created specifically for wallpaper, I really wanted the dark gray for my dining room. I ordered the swatch and was about to order the 8 huge rolls needed to do it, but then I changed my mind. I ended up painting the walls the same color, just no squiggly woodgrain lines. I’m still trying to find a place in my house for this paper… maybe as an accent wall? or in my soon to be new sewing room? I’ll figure it out.

I’ve also made it so most of my other fabric designs can be used as wallpaper too. Not all of them worked well, and I tweaked some to make sure the pattern wasn’t too big or too small. I’m really happy with the way they all came out. Oh and now you can also purchase monster decals and growth charts to go with the fabric!!

I also created an alphabet wall decal set that coordinates with most of my girl themed monster fabrics. I actually ordered a set for CT’s room that I will show once we finish painting her room. (and that won’t be until we have a free weekend!!) Each letter is around 8″ tall. and can be cut out and configured anyway you like. The decals feel a lot like fabric is don’t rip easily, Oh and they can re-positioned numerous times! I’ve been testing them!

As you can tell from this post, I’m super excited! I just wish I had more time in the day to do all the projects I want to do. I would seriously make so many things out of wallpaper.

Is anyone going to try out Spoonflower’s new wallpaper or decals? Have you already tried? I’d love to see!!

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The Three Year Baby Quilt

About Three years ago, almost to the date, I started my first quilt. I was 6 months pregnant with CT and I was still optimistic about how much I could finish before she was born. I had these huge plans about sewing some sheets, a crib skirt, an entire closet full of dresses and THIS quilt. Well, my pregnancy got a bit rough really soon after I finished the quilt top, and I could hardly do anything but sit until CT was born.

Fast Forward to this past Tuesday, I was browsing Pinterest and saw a really neat quick quilt that I could finish in one day with supplies I had on hand. I went straight to my sewing room to pick out some fabric. While rummaging through everything I found the quilt top that I had started 3 years ago, along with the batting cut to size and the back piece ready to go. All I needed was some fabric for the binding. Lucky me I always buy extra Kona cotton when its on super sale at Joanns. I had a bunch of pinks to chose from. I had no excuses to hold me back, so I figured “why not?”

It took me the rest of the afternoon and a little bit of time in the evening, but I was able to finish up the quilt, no problem! This made me feel super accomplished and now I’m all ready to make more!!

CT watched me finish most of it, and she knew it was going to be hers the entire time. I washed it last night while she was asleep, and once it was dry we placed it on her bed. She woke up and found it. I swear she actually squealed!! Ha. That is really the best sound the hear after you’ve worked on something for your child, isn’t it?

We have this rule in the house where you can only color in the at the table or on a quilt on the floor. We came up with it by random, but it really has helped eliminate drawing on the wall (unless its the chalkboard wall, which has its own rule). CT keeps a bunch of crayons and some paper in a little Totoro bag I found her, so the second I placed the quilt down to photograph she thought that meant it was time to draw!! She sat there for about an hour.

Well, I’m off to Pinterest to find another project to work on. I feel way more accomplished when I’m working on something new and different. Do any of you have suggestions?


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