Thanksgiving Macarons

For both Thanksgivings I made macarons, of course. The orange ones are pumpkin spice and the brown ones are maple. I was told the maple ones actually tasted like pancakes. They are my husbands new favorites!

I’m in the baking mood again, so I’m thinking of trying out some fruit flavored sets. Maybe strawberry or orange?

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Teal Macarons

This past weekend Heidi had another one of her monthly crafternoons, and I wanted to make some macarons again!

I was too busy last month, but this weekend I had more time since the get together was later in the afternoon. That meant I could make them the morning of, instead of the night before.

I got lazy and made the same flavor combo from the macaron party I threw a few months back. These smurf looking macarons are pumpkin spice flavored with vanilla chai butter cream filling! I doubled the amount of spices this time around and was very happy with the results!! I think everyone else liked them too (or they were just being very nice!). The teal color has nothing to do with the flavor by the way! I just really wanted to make brightly colored macarons. Ha.

Oh and of course I had to some some up close pretty pictures of the cookies! I have that new camera now, I better as well use it right! Haha!

and just for fun check out this animated gif I made in photoshop! I put my camera on continious shot and took photos while my mixer was on the highest speed.

Anyway, I want to make another flavor combo soon, any idea? something fruity maybe?

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