Handmade: Donut Mushroom Hybrid Ornaments

ornaments_heidi_001This year I took part in a few Secret Santa swaps. Something I haven’t ever really done before, but I thought was a neat idea. Most of the recipients haven’t received their gifts yet, so I can’t share them all yet. But I have been itching to share SOMETHING!

The only swap I didn’t go out of my way to sign up for was the one for Heidi’s crafternoon this month. My recipient just happened to be Heidi herself, and she is always fun to shop for! I found her a bunch of cool little trinkets, but of course I HAD to make something too! She collects mushroom stuff and donuts, so I figured why not make a set of mushrooms WITH icing and sprinkles on top? They were so fun to make, I always forget how much I love playing with clay.

I also made a few more clay ornaments for another swap I’m doing, but photos would seriously give away who the new owners will be, so I’m going to wait. The other set is something close to my own nerdy heart and I wish I had made myself some too!!

Maybe I’ll make some cast plastic ornaments for the shop next year? Is that something people would want?

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