I’m Dreaming of Dresses and Fabric…

dream_dresses_001I have been sewing up a storm lately. I have made my very first, second and third dress, and they all fit perfectly. Thats a first for me. (I’ll share actual photos of said dresses once the weather is a bit less unruly). I have also made a bunch of new bags, pouches, pillows and even new embroidered necklaces. I love sewing again.

Out of everything I’ve sewn, those three dresses were my favorite. I want an entire closet full. One in every colorway or pattern I can find. I’m finding a few fabrics I like here and there, but nothing is really catching my eye and making me think “PERFECT!” I keep doodling in my sketchbooks, but again, nothing was just right yet.

Well last night that changed. Instead of going right to bed, I decided to do a little bit of sketching. I’m so happy I did. I drew about a dozen new dress ideas (a few shown above) and a bunch of new repeat patterns for fabric (shown below).

newfabric_72813_001 newfabric_72813_002 newfabric_72813_003

I’m excited! I’ve already ordered swatches of all the fabrics designs above plus some that include actual color. I’m thinking they will work well for dresses AND some pillows or small quilt. The repeats are actually rather large. Oh and I’ve started researching sergers so I can try my hand at one of those cardigans I drew up!!! I’m no fashion expert, at all, but I really do love the idea of making my own clothes. Who knows maybe one day I can make some for others too!!



Behind the Scenes: Organizing the Workroom

I spent some time this weekend FINALLY organizing my workroom, or trying to at least. The poor room has been in shambles since February, which is when I started on the gluten testing (and got super sick and weak). I had been just throwing stuff in boxes on the floor or on the table. Nothing was where it was supposed to be and it was starting to get out of hand. How could I start working again if I couldn’t find anything?

I wish I could say I finished the room, but if that was true, you would see more than close up pictures! I still have a lot of work to do. I need to install some more shelves in the closet for supplies that are only used every so often. I need a few more containers for scrap fabric (all the blue and green fabrics are just in piles until this happens). I need to get all my quilting fabric on bolts and out of the baskets to make room for more apparel fabric (I have plans). I need to transfer all my beading supplies to one area. I need some actual lighting and maybe a chair? Ha. yeah, that’s the state of things, I don’t even have a chair!

I’m also thinking of doing some cosmetic things in the room, just to make it pretty to me. I was thinking last night about maybe a chalkboard wall? I have one in my kitchen and love it, but I’m a bit worried about a mess. The one in the kitchen leaves chalk dust all over the baseboards and wood floors. It’s easy enough to clean up, but I don’t know how easy that would be on carpet. Has anyone else had experience with this? How about Chalk Pens? Maybe they wouldn’t have the dust? (I think I have one around here somewhere to try out)

Once this room is done, just like the kitchenette, I’ll share more photos!!

Oh and friendly reminder! make sure to check out yesterdays post where you can win a Blue Garden necklace, just by telling me your favorite color combo!

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Behind the Scenes: Pillows, Dresses and a Very Tired Jessee

I’ve been a little down in the dumps lately. I’m on a new test diet to see just how much I’m allergic to gluten, which has not been fun. Basically I have to force myself to eat something with a gluten ingredient in it everyday for the next five weeks (I take the weekends off). So I pretty much have been poisoning myself! I’m tired, grumpy and weak. I just don’t have the energy to do too many projects, so I’ve been trying to stick to the easy ones, or computer based ones.

Which brings me to the above photos! In my down time lately (which is pretty often) I have been dreaming up loads of new things. New Wonky Woodgrain pillows in the above colors, new monster pillows, and a whole pile of dresses for myself (remember that dress obsession I was talking about?). I was able to do most of the design work on the computer and then just order the fabric from Spoonflower. I also have been designing some new 3D pieces for a cold cast metal jewelry line I’ve been thinking about! I’m excited!

Everything was easy enough, and I feel accomplished in the end. I hate not feeling accomplished at least once a day!

I promise to post more photos when I get to actually work on all these things. I’m seriously counting down the days until I can be gluten free again. I miss the energy I had and how great I felt about myself.

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A Baby Chevron Quilt

I have been waiting FOREVER to post this! I made it back in October and wasn’t able to get it to its new owner until recently. Life just kept getting in the way! (or I’d forget to bring it with me, which is a normal occurrence for me)

I made this specifically for an adorable little newborn baby girl who’s mama loves pretty vintage things. So of course it had to be pink, dainty and have something vintage looking on it. I also wanted to give it a modern edge, which is where the off set chevron design comes in. Most of the solid fabrics are Kona cotton and the flower print is a piece of a vintage sheet! I made it a bit bigger than a normal baby quilt, only because I got a bit carried away while making the half square triangles!

I love the design so much that I’m thinking of making another one for CT, but a little bit bigger since she’s outgrowing all of her other baby quilts!

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Behind The Scenes: “My Favorite 80′s Sweater” Quilt

Say Hello to the brightest quilt I’ll probably ever make (unless someone know where to find good quality neon fabric). It started out as a sketch in muted tones last week, but turned into randomly picking out of my Kona Cotton stash for colors with enough yardage for each piece.

I’m calling it “My Favorite 80′s Sweater” because that’s all I can think of while piecing it! I probably owned a sweater, dress or jacket that looked something like this as a kid.

This thing is seriously forcing me out of my color comfort zone. My zone normally consists of purples, teals, pink and gray… LOTS OF GRAY! And normally it’s just one of those tones mixed with gray, not all of them blended together. I’m also using this quilt to practice different methods of sewing patchwork. I’ve tried out chain piecing, which saved me loads of time, and strip piecing, which also saved time, and I’m getting better with half square triangles (which I now love, instead of fear and hate). Oh and I’m getting better at sewing long straight lines, ha, something I wasn’t that great at before.

While sewing this top together I kept thinking of better ways to do each strip, in case I ever want to sew this again, which was really neat. It’s all a learning process, and I’m loving it! I seriously can’t wait to share the finished piece! I still have three rows to go and then it’s off to someone else who will quilt it for me. So it may be a few weeks.


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Which Way Is Up Quilt

About a week and a half ago, in the middle of the night, I had this idea for a paper pieced quilt. An outline of a house, in black with different tones of blue as the background. Luckily I’ve been finally keeping a habit of having notebooks all over the house, so I jotted it down real quick and went back to bed (you can see the original sketch in the above left photo).

The next morning I woke up before CT and went straight to my computer, I drafted a paper pieced pattern so I could test out my idea. I was very happy with the results, and as you can see from the photo on the right above, it worked!! I was so excited I set out to make 24 more!

Well, after searching through my fabric stash, I just couldn’t find 24 fabrics that matched the first one I did. So I narrowed it down to 12 total. I made each house block 10″ square, which meant I should end up with a quilt about 30″x40″ if I didn’t add a border, and a bit bigger if I did.

I spent a few days finishing up the other 11 blocks, doing four at a time (I feel like I get up to iron less and it takes less time, to me). I was on a roll and was set out to finish this quilt as soon as I could. So last Tuesday I finished all 12 blocks! I laid them out on the floor and didn’t quite like the set up as all house outlines. So I turned a few around, and a couple upside down, and ended up with a bunch of arrows pointing all different directions. Perfect!! I also decided at that point that I was going to add 2″ white strips in between all of the blocks and a 2″ white border around the entire edge. Now it was 40″x50″, a nice lap sized quilt. I needed one of those.

I pieced and quilted the entire thing Wednesday afternoon, and then added binding Friday Morning. I took photos Saturday, and here I am on Monday showing you all my finished quilt…

I’m calling it the “Which Way Is Up” quilt.

I LOVE the way it came out, and I love that each time I use the pattern it will be a totally different quilt! I can subtract the white and do all solids, so the arrows (or houses) will be subtle and surprise you! or I can switch the white and the patterned fabrics? Or I could be super crazy and actually have them all houses!! Ha.

Well, I’m so interested to see all of the different ways you could make this quilt too, so you can find the pattern in my shop!

I’m not including instructions on how to paper piece. I have no idea how to write it out in words… Yet.  If you’ve never tried it, I suggest searching for some videos on YouTube, that’s how I taught myself. Fresh Lemons Quilts blog also has a great tutorial if your not into watching videos.

If any of you do make a project using this pattern, I would love to see it (and maybe even share it on here).

I feel like I’m on a quilting kick now, so expect to see more sewing and a bit less of everything else…

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