I Am A Crazy Lady…

My original gift giving plan was quilts. Loads of Quilts. I had these grand dreams of giving all my immediate family members quilts. Well, as the title of this post says, I am a crazy lady! I realized halfway through the month of December that I would be lucky to even finish one quilt, let alone four. If it was just me here, alone everyday, they would have been finished no problem. But it’s not just me, I’m here with two other human beings who deserve my attention way more than my sewing machine, especially when they both kept getting sick! Damn December and all your sicknesses.

I went through the list of what I wanted to finish and picked out one quilt to do, the Modern Maples quilt by Amanda of Hey Porkchop! that can be found in Pretty in Patchwork: Holidays. (the book has a lot of great patterns, not just this one. I highly recommend it). It’s something different than what I normally sew, and it’s just soo pretty! My sister Ashley really likes fall colors and such, so I thought it would be perfect for her.

It’s now three days after Christmas, and I wish I could say I finished this project!! Ha. I was able to piece the front completely, all 18 leaf blocks and 12 solid blocks. I was also able to piece together the back.

Just so my sister  and brother-in-law didn’t think they were getting nothing this year, I wrapped the half finished quilt with a note saying I would quilt it and return it to them very soon. I’m hoping to have it finished by this weekend, as long as we don’t all get sick…

As for everyone else, I decided to make smaller sewn gifts, which I’m going to share on Monday!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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A Little More About CT’s Party…

As I said yesterday, I wanted to share a bit more about the decorating and goody bags from CT’s 3rd Birthday Party. I was very frazzled the day of, so all these photos were taken the day after! Just imagine cupcakes sitting on the white tray in the middle, some macarons on the two tiered tray and more “goody bags” in that white basket. Plus other odds and ends that were moved about.

It was a lot of fun to pick everything out, be it handmade, from a store or just from around the house. I didn’t go overboard, and I think it looked very cute and sweet. I really wish I had taken photos the day of!!!

I accidentally stumbled onto a color theme. It all started with those paper chains, I just picked out a multi pack of paper in what I thought were cute colors. After making them all (at night and in the car btw) I started to buy other things in the same colorways. All of the plastic silverware was in those colors, the last minute “Happy Birthday” banner matched (I meant to make one), even the flowers I found the night before matched! I sorta, kinda, accidentally made it all match! Ha. I love when things work out that way.

Oh and the wrapped picture frames! A lot of the guest liked those. I mainly did it because I felt the photos artwork underneath wasn’t really appropriate for a kid’s birthday party. It’s my Jordan Crane Triptych of a party with loads of booze on the ground, you can see it here. It’s fine for everyday viewing, just not a birthday.

I love the way it all looks, and I really don’t want to take it all down. Do I have to?

Ok, now onto the little chef hats…

These were a last minute idea! I mean, four days before the party last minute. I was flipping through the Fabric-by-Fabric One-Yard Wonders book to see if there were any xmas gifts I could make, when I came across the pattern for a kid’s adjustable chefs hat and apron. I read through the instructions and figured they wouldn’t be too hard to make, so I made a test one. The one above actually. It took me about 25 minutes from start to finish (I’ve been told I sew FAST, so it make take others longer). I figured 11 kids were coming, and that they would only take me an afternoon to make one for each. It kinda did. I ran out of some supplies halfway through and had to wait until I could go out and get them. Then I waited until the night before to attach the velcro, which wasn’t the best idea. But I’m glad I made them! All the kids looked soooo cute decorating their cupcakes while wearing chef hats!!

Now onto the goody bags, or in our case, balls! My original plan was to make the bags for the goody bags, but after seeing the over sized gumball machine capsules above, I changed my mind! How cool are they? We bought them in blue, green and purple. CT picked out a kazoo, mini view-master camera thingy, some chocolate and tattoos/stickers. I didn’t want to only have plastic trinkets in the balls though, so like an insane woman, I also made the crayon rolls! Another last minute idea. I felt crazy making them, so I didn’t even tell my husband what I was doing until I was halfway through. I didn’t want someone else thinking I was crazy too! They actually took less time then I thought they would and I was able to just use scrap fabric from my stash.

In the end it was all more work than I anticipated, but you know what? I felt great about the way the house looked and the things I sent home with each kid! Now they each have a chef hat for pretend play, and a crayon roll to take with them anywhere. Plus I made one of each for CT too. I wouldn’t change a thing, well, with the exception of having more sewing machine needles on hand.

I know there’s loads of tutorials online to make crayon rolls, I didn’t use any of them because of their sizes. Would anyone be interested in a tutorial to make these simple ones?

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Behind The Scenes: Sewing Little Dresses

As I said yesterday, the weather has been really dreary. So I haven’t had the chance to get good photos of what I’ve been working on. Instead I have these photos I quickly took while sewing.

I’m making CT four dresses for our Disney vacation later this month, each with a different theme. I have finished three of them so far and I’m about to go start the last one. Which is also the hardest one for me. Lot’s of “make it up as you go” pieces involved. I’m also aiming to make a crayon roll, and a few random pouches. I might get it all done, who knows.

While I’m sorta on the topic of travel. Have any of you flown with a toddler? A very energetic toddler? Our flight is only two hours long, but I’m still antsy about how it’s going to go. Any and all suggestions to make it a bit easier are greatly appreciated!!!

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Searching For The Perfect Dress…

… A Tardis dress to be exact! I decided that for the first time in 17 years, I am going to wear a costume for Halloween (and any other event that involves a costume, that we may or may not be going to). I would really love to make one if possible, because all of the commercial costumes I’m finding are a bit too little for me. Too little fabric to be exact. I’m a bit modest when it comes to my clothes.

I have searched fan sites, google, etsy, flickr and pinterest for some inspiration. I think I may have searched too much, because now I’m overwhelmed with possibilities. I have to take into account my body shape, the weather and what I’ll actually feel comfortable in… Ugh!

Have you seen any on the internet that you think I may like? That won’t take me forever to make? I still have to make CT’s costume too! I’m also stumped with hers, more because she can’t decide, not because I can’t make it.

I guess I could just be lazy and buy a trench coat, red chucks and a blazer

Behind The Scenes: CT’s Plus Sign Quilt

Right before we got super sick (were onto day 7 here) I was planning on finishing CT’s Plus Quilt that I’ve been dreaming on since January. I added a few more fabrics and redid the design a bit. It ended up being A LOT bigger than I had anticipated. Before accounting for seam allowance, binding and anything that could eat fabric, it measures 68″x88″. That’s almost twin quilt sized.  I can actually put this thing on CT’s bed when i’m done. That made me very happy.

I still need to sew all those little squares together, patch together the back, quilt it all up and bind it. Seems like a lot, but once I hit this point I feel good about it all, and usually finish it… within a year or so…

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Yep, Still Sick…

Just when I thought we were all getting better, We all got WAY WORSE! We’ve spent almost four days now hanging out on the couch in the bedroom, I’ve hardly even seen the downstairs. It seems the days are all about resting and the nights are all about coughing, puking and NOT resting. Ugh. I just want this to be over.

All the down time has given me time to come up with new projects. I pulled all the above fabrics from my stash for some vacation themed dresses for CT. I’m excited to try out my ideas… once I’m feeling up to it.

I also have been sketching out new craft show displays! I’m about to purchase a new scroll saw (that way I dont have to bug my mom) and I figured I could make something modular and adjustable. I MAY be getting in over my head, but who knows, maybe it’ll work. It’s always worth a try.

Picking out or making things for my tent or table displays is always my favorite part of doing shows. I’ve been toying with the idea of sharing some of my favorite set ups by price range. Would anyone be interested in seeing that?

Well, I’m off to go cuddle up with CT some more! Let’s all cross our fingers that today is the last day of this nasty cold!!