WIP: A Collaboration With Andover Fabrics

WIP: A Collaboration With Andover Fabrics {an Art School Dropout's life}About a month ago the very kind folks over at Andover Fabrics sent me a sweet package filled with some precut bundles of brandnew and yet to be released fabrics for me to play with. They wanted to see what I would come up with.

I’ve been a huge mess lately preparing for BlytheCon (2 WEEKS LEFT TO PREP) and working on my Silhouette America projects so I can focus on that BlytheCon stuff, so I haven’t been able to play with all this fabric uninterrupted.

WIP: A Collaboration With Andover Fabrics {an Art School Dropout's life} work in progress potholders using the new 1Canoe2 fabric line from Andover fabrics #quilting #chevronI did attempt to make a pretty, kinda chevron looking pillow out of the new 1Canoe2 line. Halfway through though I realized I had cut a bunch of pieces wrong and now I am reassembling what I can into pot holders. Luckily the line has food related items in it, which actually makes it PERFECT for potholders. Why didn’t I think of potholders before? I’ll share the finished set soon!

WIP: A Collaboration With Andover Fabrics {an Art School Dropout's life} The new Chillingsworth line in hexie form #hexagon #quiltingI also attacked the Chillingsworth charm packs and made a couple huge piles of hexies. They have already been pieced together and are just in the queue waiting to be quilted. (I like to do all my quilting at once. I may be a weirdo like that) Just like the potholders, I hope to share  the finished piece soon.

I also have BIG plans for those fat quarter bundles shown in the background of the first photo. I’m just not ready to share yet.

So, on a slightly different note, this post is just a sweet reminder of the changes I’ve made in how I spend my days! I can now sit down and sew, draw, bake and more without all the stress involved with what I was previously doing. I feel like I’m actually making progress in my goals I talked about last month and I have learned so much in that time too. I’m happier and a bit less stressed (I’ll be even more stress free after BlytheCon).

So I’d like to say thank you to everyone who encouraged me and has been supportive along the way.

You are all awesome!!!

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