111IMG_2737_550This was supposed to have posted yesterday but apparently it didn’t! Technically I’m not TURNING 31, Today I AM 31, but the deal is still the same!

I have had a sale during my birthday week since I started Art School Dropout 10 years ago. Each year the percentage off is whatever age I will be. My husband says I should probably stop at some point because the discount will be HUGE soon (not too soon, it’s not like I’m aging faster than everyone else or anything) but that doesn’t concern you guys now!

I have updated a few more smaller pieces to the shop and am quietly working on more. So if there’s something you have been eyeing now is the time to get it!!!

Oh and the coupon code expires Friday at midnight EST!

Summer Sale!

sale_shop_june2013Just wanted to let everyone know that I am having a sale in the Art School Dropout Etsy Shop. Everything is 20% off until end of day June 30th! Just use coupon code: JUSTBC613 during checkout.

I originally set up this sale, and talked about it on Instagram and Twitter, to help fund much needed sewing machine repairs. The goal for the repairs has been met (which is awesome!!), but I figured why not share the sale here too for anyone who doesn’t follow me other social platforms!

I have been adding a few new items here and there over the past month, so you should check out the shop and see if there’s anything you’ll love!!

Spring Cleaning Sale

I’m gearing up to add all the new shiny and glittery pieces to the shop, but before I do that I figured I’d have a sale!

25% off everything in the shop from now until Friday afternoon (around 2pm EST). Just use coupon code “springcleaning25” during checkout. Nothing is excluded in this sale. EVERYTHING is on sale! Jewelry, Home Goods, Blythe Accessories, Crafting Supplies… Everything!

Right when the sale ends is when the first batch of new pieces will be in the shop. I already have a big chunk of Blythe eye chips ready to go, along with some glitzy zig zag necklaces and a few of those dipped arrow pins!!

Please note this is not an April Fools joke or anything, I just happened to post about this ON April Fools Day! Ha

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Thanksgiving: 2012

So this past week, we had TWO Thanksgivings! One on Thursday at my uncles house for my side of the family, and then one this past Saturday at our house for my husbands side of the family. I didn’t take any pictures Thursday, I was too busy catching up with my sister and grandmother. I miss seeing them.

Like I said, Saturday was at our house and I had this huge plan to have a beautiful set table. Well, I forgot about a tablecloth, and it started to get a bit hectic before setting the table so everything was kinda just thrown together. Oh and to add to it, I had my camera set on a high ISO and my camera battery died after taking the above photos! Grrrr. So I was unable to get all the pictures I wanted. (I did also get the Instagram photo below before my phone died too!! haha!) I was told all the food tasted great, (I was only able to eat the foods that were gluten free) and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, so I’m guessing that means we did everything right as hosts!

I’m very thankful I was able to spend time with all our families, and I’m also very thankful for a reason to clean the house! It’s so clean I’m afraid to do anything to make it a mess again. CT on the other hand has no problem making messes.

The rest of this week I plan on sewing, sewing and sewing some more. I have huge plans for handmade Christmas gifts this year and I’m only halfway through finishing the first one. I also need to start putting together everything for CT’s third birthday in two week. It’s her first themed party, and were planning on a bunch of kids coming. So I need to make it all super fun!!

Oh and a friendly reminder, our Cyber Monday sale is still going on! 25% off everything in the shop, and all orders over $50 will receive a free accessory set!! It all ends tonight at midnight EST.


Buy One Fat Quarter, Get One Free

Spoonflower is having another one of their awesome sales! Until October 31st, you can buy one fat quarter (18″x21″) and get one fat quarter free. That’s a $11 saving! Just add both pieces to your cart to see the discount.

You can choose from thousands of different designs from many designers, OR you can pick out some fabric from my designs! Like the ones pictured above.

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