A Calm Week

Yesterday was as calm as the two days before and I LOVED it!

CT was just as excited about Play-Doh the second day as she was the first. She loved the tools we bought her and all the new colors. She figured out halfway through the day that you could mix the colors and make cool caterpillars.

I also finished up a bunch of sculpting, but I forgot to take photos! Of course! I was really happy with two of the finished pieces and I’ve already started the process of making molds. As always, I will document it all and share it here.

CT has really been into the idea of decorating lately. I guess she watches me do it all the time and figures it’s normal. She really wants a purple room with lots of frames on the wall. If it will make her like her room more, why not? We hope to stop by Sherwin Williams this weekend to pick up the purple paint (their having 30% off paint the 5th thru the 8th). Plus I have some plans for storage and seating.

I’ve also been working on some cross stitch pieces to frame. I love to cross stitch. CT really likes the new My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic show, so I bought some patterns off Etsy and have been working a little bit at a time while watching TV. Multi Tasking!!

That’s another thing I’ve been doing. I’m finally catching up on TV shows that we recorded. I’m almost ready for the Fall season!!

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