DIY-Book-A-Holic: Wraparound Pot Holder

So I’m accidentally already onto my second Book-A-Holic project. Accidentally? Well, I was planing on making an ottoman or log pillow from Kid Made Modern, but last minute I had a need for a handmade gift.

I was invited to a Pie Potluck at my friend Heidi’s house, and I wanted to make her a hostess gift. What do you make a girl who can make anything? Apparently a potholder.

I guess I’m kinda lazy, because my second project is also from the Spring 2010 issue of Stitch Magazine. This time its the Wraparound Pie Holder by Rashida Coleman-Hale. I figured it matched the whole pie theme.

Normally I would stay away from a project like this. I have never quilted more than two layers, I have never made my own binding/bias tape and I have never bound anything (the correct way at least). I was determined!

First things first, I had to figure out how to use my walking foot. My husband bought it for me two years ago, while I pregnant, in hopes I’d actually finish the quilt I’d been working on for weeks. I never did. I was too scared by all the quilt layers!

Turns out it’s not as scary as it looks, plus it comes with a nice guide to make all the quilting look even. It’s my new favorite gadget.

I chose fabric I already had on hand for the front and the binding. I did have to go out and purchase some Insul-Bright insulated batting and Linen. I had never worked with either of those. It’s was almost an entire project of “firsts”.

Cutting the linen was not fun, its very squirmy. Anyone have any tips on making that part easier?

The quilting part was a lot of fun, and I loved that walking foot. It really helped to keep all the layers even and there wasn’t any bunching on the backside. Awesome!

I couldn’t find the little bias tape maker I had purchased, so I just made it the long way where you fold the fabric in half and then fold the sides in, etc etc etc. There are instructions all over the Internet to explain it better than I ever could. I attached the binding and for the first time ever hand stitched it to the front side. I actually enjoyed doing that part, which completely surprised me.

I’m so happy with how the pot holder came out, and the instructions were super simple and easy to understand. Plus now I have a nice long list of new skills. Who knows, I might even try and finish up that quilt from two years ago.


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