Doily Party

Yep the title says Doily Party! Doilies are boring and parties are not (usually)… So why would the two words be put together?
Well… Heidi had another craft party! They are pretty much a monthly thing now. Which is super awesome because I’m really enjoying them.

I didn’t bring a snack or anything to the previous party, I just didnt have the time, and I really wanted to. So this time I made up for it by trying my hand at macarons again. I made cinnamon and buttercream macarons that I tinted purple. They came out great!


You can see them above next to Hedi’s pink lemonade cake, which was tart just like real lemonade. CT really liked it. She also made homemade soup and bread and Amanda made spiced ice tea.

The planned project was to make one of the doily lamps or bowls you see all over Pinterest. I’ve been wanting to make one for my sewing room for awhile. I had been collecting doilies ever since I was told about the get together. My original plan was to dye them a bunch of different colors, but I got so caught up in thrifting lately I forgot until the last minute. So I was only able to dye them two colors. They were supposed to be black and grey, but they ended up plum and grey, which was even better!


We could choose to make either a lamp or a bowl, most of the (smart) guest chose to make bowls, except Heidi and I. I really wanted the lamp. I really really wanted it. It turns out attaching floppy doilies to a balloon is much harder than you would expect. They like to slip off and the balloon doesn’t like to hold still. Too top heavy. Heidi gave up and started a bowl, which I should have done too, but I was determined to have that damn lamp.


I ended up getting about five to stay put. The modge podge like concoction we were using wasn’t drying, so I had to take my balloon lamp home wet. We live 45 mins away and had to stop a few times, so by the time it got home, only three doilies had survived. The photo above is from the day after, once it finally all dried.

Oh well. The get togethers are more for, well, getting together. Talking, eating, hanging out and having fun. The craft stuff is just an added perk. As usual I really enjoyed myself and it was awesome seeing everyone again, plus I even met a new person who collects a lot of the same things as me! How neat.

You can read more about the party, from a different perspective, over on Heidi’s blog!

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