If I Had Unlimited Funds: 31st Birthday Edition

My 31st birthday is coming up in a few days! I have already received an early birthday gift from my husband, and it was pretty awesome! Its not like I need more, but If I Had Unlimited Funds, in the form of birthday gift cards or something, I’d buy…

unlimitedfunds_082313_0011Swedish Hasbeens Women’s Lacy Platform Sandal (or any of the designs similar to this! I notice I walk comfortably in the mid heel height clogs, and I really want a pair of T-strap shoes!)

unlimitedfunds_082313_0022H&M Decorative Plates from their new Home Line!! (I want all three above! I imagine they would look great on my dining room plate wall. They are technically in my price range since they are only $4 a plate, but I’m afraid if I try to purchase just a few of the new home items, I may want even more!! example below…)


3 – Deer Head Wall Decoration from H&M’s new Kids Decor line (um, its a faux mounted deer head, of course I want it! It would look great with my dozen other faux deer pieces) /// 4Doctor Who Matt Smith Portrait by Lizustration (Do I need to even explain why I want this one? haha)

unlimitedfunds_082313_0045HUSKYLOCK s21 Serger/Overlock Machine (I have been dreaming about making an entire new wardrobe for myself, and I feel like this machine would make everything last longer and look more professional! It’s a serger with a coverstitch option!!! Since I finally bought a new sewing machine, this is the next thing I’m saving up for.)

unlimitedfunds_082313_0056LAPPLJUNG RUTA Rug by IKEA (I keep seeing the square version of this all over the internets, and even though it’s everywhere I still wanted it for my morning room. Well I went to go get the photo for the square one when I saw the rectangle one completely in beige and black! I squealed and called my husband!! It’s even more perfect and fits the space way better!! IT WILL BE MINE! SOON!) /// 7STRANDMON Wing Chair by IKEA (We need more seating in our living room for upcoming holidays and parties. This chair is perfect b/c it accommodates my tall husband AND fits our current decor)

unlimitedfunds_082313_0068Seize the Daytime Party Dress by Dear Creatures on Modcloth /// 9Foxtail & Fern Dress also found on Modcloth (these lovelies have been hanging in my shopping cart for awhile. It’s been hard justifying dress purchases when I can just make one for half the price!)

unlimitedfunds_082313_00710 & 11 – Anything from the Two String Jane Shop! (I love the simple, yet bold, designs and all the comfy shapes! I especially want the above two, they would fit perfectly into my wardrobe. Which apparently will have a lot of navy and rust if I keep finding pieces like the four above!! Not normally my “goto colors”)

The best part about this list is I actually plan on purchasing each piece for myself eventually. I’ve been working really hard lately and almost every penny has gone back into the business. I am going to start budgeting better so I can buy myself something nice every so often, and this will be my shopping list!!


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