If I Had Unlimited Funds: January 2nd

The holidays are over, I’m done with all my gift making, and I’m just ready to get things back to normal.

To start off this whole “normal” thing, I thought I’d do one of my favorite types of posts, If I Had Unlimited Funds… These posts give me a purpose when window shopping the internets, and if I could, I would do one everyday!

Today’s finds are all geometric themed. I LOVE geometric everything!! Squares, triangles, polygons, etc. Simple shapes just make me happy to look at, and I’m so excited this stuff is finally everywhere. So if I had unlimited funds to buy geometric things, I’d buy…

1Silver & Neon Geometric Necklace by LikeGJewelry (how cool is this thing? It’s laser cut, which is another one of my favorite things and it’s gray! I love it!)

2Triangulated Cuff Bracelet by ArchetypeZ (it’s 3D printed, another awesome thing I love) /// 3Triangle Geometric Washi Tape sold by the Stationary Room

4Wooden Geometric Vase by Urban Analog /// 5Wanduhr “Mosaik” by liebelu

6PolyGlobe Pendant Light by Raw Dezign (every single thing in their shop is amazing! I want it all!!)

7Buffalo Skull A3 Print by oelwein (they also have this awesome bird print, plus cool trays, tea towels and more) /// 8 - Abstract Geometric Screen Print by Fuel Design

9Blue Kingfisher Geometric Art print by Tiny Kiwi Creations (they have a bunch of geometric animal prints!)

10Geometric Brooch Fox Red – Harlequin Fox by Sketch Inc /// 11Geometric Concrete Earrings by Berezki

12Chevron Screen Printed Tshirt by Late Night Drawing /// 13Thorns Stacking Rings by Mirta

It was actually really hard to pick out just 13 items, I found so many awesome pieces. Good thing I don’t have a credit card!**

**If I did have a credit card, I would use it wisely and not buy every single shiny thing I saw on the internet. I don’t want you guys getting the wrong idea about me! Ha!

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