I’m Going To Be Busy…

Great news! This year I will be taking Art School Dropout out into the world again, with new items that you can look at and feel in person. For now though, this is only an option for east coasters in a small area. I’ll work on expanding more next year…

First off you can see a few of our items at the Indie Craft Experience Pop-Up Shop in Atlanta, GA.

The shop is located Inside Criminal Records at 1154-A Euclid Ave NE, Atlanta GA, and will be open November 24-December 30 (Mon-Sat – 11 am to 9 pm, Sun – 12 noon to 7 pm). I’d love to know if anyone goes once they open! I haven’t been to Atlanta in many years and I know I won’t be making it down for this!

The second option to see our stuff in person is at my all time favorite show, Crafty Bastards! Normally the show is in early fall, but this year they moved it indoors and into late fall. Which is awesome, because last year it rained non stop and was just not pleasant.

It will be on November 10th, 10AM – 7PM AT UNION MARKET in DC. There will be a $10 entrance fee for all shoppers (or $5 if you buy them early). There is also an option to buy early bird tickets for $25, and get in the show an hour early so you can snag all the good stuff!

I really wish I could have done more shows this year, but with vacation and having a toddler, it just wasn’t in the cards. Maybe next year?

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