Just Two Words Project: Crabs & Orange

Just Two Words Project: Crabs & OrangeI’m two weeks behind on blogging about this project, but at least I’m up to date on actually illustrating them, right? Anyway, this was from two weeks ago, and the chosen words were Crabs (me) and Orange (Heidi)with the finished project being an umbrella.

For me this was a no brainer, because you know, cooked crabs are orange! Im a Maryland girl born and raised, so crabs are a staple meal. They train you to pick crabs young here! Well, at least I was taught young. They are one of my favorite meals and I have loads of crab artwork and toys laying around the house.


I started by designing a basic repeat pattern for the umbrella itself. I started with the above sketch and went from there.

Just Two Words Project: Crabs & Orange

After I finished the umbrella, I felt like I should keep going. So of course I designed an entire line of crab fabric. I made sure to include some crab crackers and a mallet on some, then some Old Bay on others. Oh and I didn’t forget the uncooked blue crab in murky Chesapeake water! I made it all. Ha. I think this might be my new fabric line, I have plans to make an entire quilt using it!!!

You can find all of these prints in my Spoonflower shop, and maybe soon I’ll have some premade zipper pouches too, because “why not?”

Anyway, back to the Just Two Words Project

I am still loving this and its been both challenging and fun each week. You should go check out Heidi’s post from this set, I love the direction she went.


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