Shop Update: Just Give Me All The Glitter!

shopupdate_10292013shopupdate_10292013_01 shopupdate_10292013_02 shopupdate_10292013_03shopupdate_10292013_04have been behind in keep up on blog posts, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been sitting around lazily on my butt! I have updated around 50 new items in the shop over the past two weeks. Plus I have had two very large projects to work on, we have had some family outings and we went to NYC for BlytheCon! I’m hoping things calm down a bit so I can share all of those things, even if it’s a month or so late.

Anyway, back to the shop update! There are a bunch of new designs, colors and more! You should go check it out, and tell all of your friends or even strangers! I love making all of these new glittery pieces way more than I expected and I’d love a reason to make more.


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