Silhouette America Creative Team: Call for Applications!

CreativeTeamCall_2015blogSilhouette America is looking for new members for their 2015-16 Creative Team (what was called the Design Team). Applications are open until February 13th and you can find all of the information on their blog, here. You can see some examples of the work I did for them here.

I will not be applying for another year. Not because I didn’t enjoy it! I totally did. It was so much fun testing out all of their supplies and files, plus it forced me out of a creative zone. Something I really needed this past year. So Thank you Silhouette for everything!! (especially you Jeana!)

Originally I wasn’t going to re-apply because I wanted to go out and try more stuff and didn’t know how that would work with my Silhouette schedule (since I really struggled juggling everything when I was sick this past fall and winter). Now it’s because I will be part of a new design team come April 1st, where the schedule isn’t as packed. I’ll share more the closer it gets.

I will continue to post tutorials using my Silhouette CAMEO in the same fashion I did on their blog, so keep an eye out for those! I still have sooooo many ideas!


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