Super Colorful Macarons

This months Crafternoon was Easter themed (as I mentioned in yesterdays post), so I wanted to make macarons that were as colorful as Easter eggs!

My first attempt was the swirly ones, which are plain ole almond flavored with a coconut butter cream filling in teal. I pictured something completely different than what came out, which I was totally fine with because these were still fun! Only a few from that batch came out, because it seems one of my ovens is not working properly and I didn’t figure that out until halfway through the second color!!!

The second color/flavor combo I made were the purple ones. They are cinnamon maple flavored with bright pink cinnamon butter cream filling (these are a favorite in my house! they are like cinnamon waffles!). I thought those were the only two colors I was going to make, until I figured out the oven thing and had to make a third batch! The third batch were the bright pink ones which were orange flavored with bright yellow vanilla butter cream filling! I ended up with a bunch of those!!

I was super happy with the way these came out in the end. I have finally mastered using the piping bag with no mess, which mostly means uniformed shells! I am also more confidant with how much coloring I use, so now my macarons are super vibrant and fun!

I will be making a few more batches this week for an upcoming get together and neighbor gifts, so expect another macaron post soon!!

 On a side note, I liked the first photo so much that I added it to my Society6 shop so I could have an iphone case made of it! If by chance any of you would be interested in something like that too (or a print), then just click here

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