My Daily Uniform

Daily_uniform_simpleBeca of Tumbleweeds Handcraft posted a fun little challenge on instagram last week. It was to show your favorite “go to” outfit, it could be drawn, photographed or anything else you could think of. It was purely for fun, so I thought “why not try!”. I loved the little sketches so much, i wanted to share them on here…

My “go to” outfit has pretty much been the same for YEARS! The colors and shapes may change a bit, but the overall look is the same.

  • A comfy cardigan over a tank top, or sometimes a girls tshirt with something nerdy on it.
  • A pair of levis, usually cuffed wide a few inches above my ankles. I do this even in the winter.
  • In the summer it’s a pair of no show socks, in the winter it’s usually a pair of striped or polka dotted high socks.
  • As for shoes, I prefer New Balance 574′s. I also own a bunch of Van’s classics (slip-on’s and laced up) but I always go back to the 574′s. Currently I have a hunter green pair and my mom got me a pair of bright pink ones for xmas (I’m trying out bright colors this year).
  • I have a few purses, but the one that gets the most use is my Fossil Satchel.
  • Glasses. I always have glasses on, my newest pair are oversized maroon Ray-Bans.

I also wear dresses, boots and pretty shoes, but the above items are 100% my go to favorite things. They are comfortable and not too constraining. What are your favorite pieces of clothing?

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