Blythe Dress Kits

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I really want to spend my days, and what I should be focusing my time on. I feel like I’ve taken on too many projects and I’m not 100% happy doing all of them anymore.

So this week I have finally decided that I will not be making Blythe clothes and accessories to sell anymore. I’ll still make a few here and there as gifts or for myself, but I just can’t do it full time, I don’t have enough time in the day. It took me a long time to finally say that out loud, and then write it here.

So to help fund equipment repairs, and possibly replacements, I’m going to sell off all my pre printed, unfinished Blythe dresses as kits. They will come with One or Three fabric pieces pre printed with a random design, and instructions on how to assemble them.

You’ll be able to find these kits (plus future skirt, top and bag kits) in my Etsy Shop. I’m also thinking of adding some grab bag listings for already finished pieces. Is that something anyone would be interested in?

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New Robot Doll Kits

I’ve updated TWO new color sets of my top selling Robot Doll Kit over at

The kit is now available in a Black, White & Grey set and in an Orange & Teal set. As seen below.

Each of the larger Robot’s measure 16″ tall. They make very cuddly pillows!

Spoonflower is still shipping things pretty quickly, for now, so if your interested in a kit before the holidays I’d suggest ordering soon!