Sneak Peek: Home Sweet Home Banners

sneakpeekhomesweethomeI am super excited about the shop update I’m working on for tomorrow!! I kinda posted a peek at these last week, and then I spent all of this week cleaning them up and getting them ready (it’s one of a hundred reasons I’ve been so quiet)

My plan is to have 18 different colors of the plastic version, plus a screen printed gold & cream felt version in the shop around 11am EST. It’s first come first serve. If these do well, I have a few ideas for more (plus I’m open to suggestions!)

If you want to be notified when they go live you can sign up for my shop newsletter here, or keep an eye on my Instagram or Twitter accounts! (I’m having a giveaway on my Instagram account if your interested btw)

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Sneak Peek: Juxtapose Necklaces – The Dark Series

comingsoon_juxtapose_012214I’ve been thinking of bringing back my Juxtapose Necklaces for awhile now. Last year I made a few, but there were very limited colors and styles. This year I decided to go all out and make every color and style! I didn’t want to overwhelm all of you though, so I will be adding them to the shop in series. The first series will all be made using black enameled wire and chain. I have decided to call it “the Dark Series”. The name makes me giggle a little, but I think it fits.

I’m hoping to release the first series of necklaces within the next few days. There will be around 15 of them, unless I decide to make more. Even though they are all different colors and sizes, I tried to keep the look of each one the same. I did this purely because I’m really into the idea of collections right now.

If your not into the dark nature of these, but love Juxtapose Necklaces, the next series will be much lighter and airier looking! Then the series after that will be brighter and more saturated. Something for everyone!!!

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Sneak Peek: Crafty Bastards 2013

IMG_6518 IMG_6460 IMG_6351 IMG_6344 IMG_6076 IMG_6067IMG_6520IMG_6464I have been documenting my mass producing capabilities on Instagram the past two weeks here and there, and I thought it would neat to share them all in one post! Some designs are brand new, and are not in the shop yet, but I hope by next week they will be. Well, hopefully…

They will ALL be at Crafty Bastards though!!! Please note though, I will only be there this SUNDAY! I’m sharing a booth with Jillian Yoffe this year, and we will be at booth #108 (you can see a map here) Please come by and say hi! I love events like this because I get to meet a bunch of the people I talk to online all year. It makes me a bit nervous, and I may look a bit nervous, just ignore that and say hi anyway!!

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Sneak Peek: Triangles, Triangles, Triangles!

double_triangle_necklace_goldroyalblue_001 double_triangle_necklace_goldroyalblue_002 double_triangle_necklace_whitesgoldslivers_001I spent most of yesterday assembling necklaces, taking pictures, editing pictures, writing product descriptions and of course taking caring of a very curious toddler (“momma, what is a backdrop again?”) I am happy with about 50% of the photos I took, so today will most likely be spent taking more photos and then editing them.

The 50% I did like, I REALLY liked! So much so that I felt the need to share three of them! I also really wanted to share these new necklaces I made. I designed them for myself, for my picky taste. I figured there may be others out there who like the same exact style as me, so I made a handful for the shop too. My plan is to have them up and ready by Friday, but my luck is horrible these days…

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