Thanksgiving 2011

This year we hosted Thanksgiving at our house. I had heard my uncle wasn’t doing it anymore, and I figured we had the room (and the chairs he used every year for such events), so “why not?”.

I originally thought it would be the whole gang… my grandmother, my mom, my siblings, my four uncles, their spouses/fiances/girlfriends, all their kids, etc etc etc… There’s a lot of us.

I was kinda relieved to find out that it wouldn’t be everyone, just my immediate family, my uncle and his fiance. I think there was 11 of us total.

I didn’t get many photos. Actually I only took ONE! ha. I was too busy cleaning, cooking, and baking.

See my one photo? It’s not even a nice bright photo!

My sister did take a bunch though, mostly of family. She has a much fancier camera, so her photos were a lot prettier.

she took a nice photo of our table mostly filled with food. Nothing too special, but very comfortable.

Oh and those smudge marks on the wall are my next project! Not anything weird. Were trying to pick out paint colors for the dining room.

All in all Thanksgiving was really nice, and I won’t hesitate to offer to host again. I’d even be up for having the entire family if needed.

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