Remember the Totoro doll I started last week? Well, I finally finished him! Technically I finished him earlir this week, but I didn’t get around to photographing him until today.

I had forgotten the seam allowance on the body, ears, tail and arms, so I had to start from scratch. I went and picked up a whole new batch of felt since I didn’t have enough to redo the whole thing. I found the pattern for this little dude on Pinterest, and the pin directed me towards the Cheek and Stitch blog where there is full on instructions and pattern pieces. I’m not too great at hand stitching anything, I messed up a bunch when closing up the bottom and attaching the arms, but I still felt it was super easy to do! I recommend this to anyone who is a fan, or has a little super fan like us!

Oh P.S.: after writing this I went and looked a bit more on the Cheek and Stitch Blog and I found a post about a fleece version! How cute are they?!?

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