August Crafternoon

I meant to write more about Heidi’s crafternoon in the last post, but I got a little side tracked by my macaron pictures. Plus CT woke up early, so I had to cut the post short so we could start our morning. It’s now the late afternoon and I’m getting a slight break to “play” on the computer!

Every crafternoon has a set project, and this months was fabric covered button hairbands. I also brought along some of those plastic bezel pieces I made a few months back to try out. You can see one in white in the photo above, bottom left corner. Anyway, it was a nice project that did not result in any injuries. We were asked to bring some scrap fabric and Heidi provided the rest. As always it was fun! The project wasn’t as intense as past months which meant everyone was able to socialize more, which is always the best part of these get togethers!

The food was great again too! I have been having issues with gluten for awhile, so when I go places I don’t expect to actually get to enjoy things. Well, thats not the case for these parties. Everyone is so thoughtful and accommodating. I was able to enjoy a cheesy potato soup (with full on fixing bar) and a piece of povlova made by Heidi, and an awesome veggie wrap using gluten free tortilla by Molly. I of course was also able to enjoy my own macarons since they are also gluten free!

I’m so glad I get to go to these things. Thank you Heidi! I’m already excited about next months crafternoon, I really enjoy everyone that attends and I almost always get to meet someone new! If you live in an area with loads of crafty people, I totally suggest trying these types of get together! Were all so attached to our computers all the time that its nice to get out and see people face to face!

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