My Week So Far: Crayons, Fabric and Plastic

myweeksofar_05_15_13_002myweeksofar_05_15_13_001myweeksofar_05_15_13_003I’ve been feeling a teeny bit better this week. I kinda know what I want to do, which is a big change from previous weeks. Also I have a nice weekend coming up, so that’s something to look forward to.

If the photos alone can’t explain my week, then I guess I will! Ha.

- CT has been very energetic and destructive, just in the time it took to make dinner Monday she took the paper off ALL OF THOSE CRAYONS! Yes, that picture should sum up my week so far as a mom. Oh my I don’t even know how to put into words what I’m feeling.

- I have been testing out a few different ways to paint on knit fabric. I have a bunch of ideas for dresses I’d like to make myself, but I knew I didn’t want to spend too much since I’m just starting out. Normally i’d just get something printed from Spoonflower, but I’d need 3 to 4 yards, thats $90 before shipping per dress. Yet, if I paint them and get fabric on sale, they end up being $20 a dress. Much scarier price tag for something that may not come out the way I want! Also, it seems I really enjoy painting again, even if its something very simple and sorta tedious. I like it!

- I FINALLY started casting this week. I’ve only had the supplies for a week and half. This time around hasn’t been as much fun. I keep having “technical difficulties” that are frustrating me! First one of the molds had a chemical reaction with a glue I’ve used before, and today one of the plastics I use won’t seem to cure!! I don’t want to be frustrated with something I love doing so much. Luckily though it’s just the opaque plastic, the clear plastic is curing just fine and I should have new pieces up in the shop by the end of next week

I hope the rest of the week goes well, I kinda need that right now.

Oh and friendly reminder that the second week of our 10 year anniversary giveaway ends Friday! You could win over $100 worth of hand cast plastic jewelry and accessories by ME!. Just pop over to Monday’s post and let me know what your favorite blog to read is!!

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2 thoughts on “My Week So Far: Crayons, Fabric and Plastic

  1. I very much like the look of the painted fabric versus a spoonflower print. The slight inconsistencies in color give the geometric print some depth (and also seems to fit seamlessly with the current trends, no?). Would you mind sharing what product you used?
    Excited to see you new cast pieces!

  2. Im growing to love the inconsistencies too! Im normally a very “bold and filled in” type of person. I’m not too fond of shading usually, but I am trying to step outside my comfort zone lately.
    The paint I used was Tullips Soft Fabric Paint. It comes in the same type of container as normal acrylic craft paint but is found near the puffy paint in craft stores.

    Here’s a link to give you an idea:

    Tulip Soft Fabric Paint 1 Ounce 4/Pkg-Retro

    Though there’s way more colors available in stores!

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