I’m Not A Garden Person…

notgarden_001notgarden_002The title pretty much says it all, I’m totally not a garden person. I don’t enjoy digging in dirt, or planning out where to put things. I wish I was. I’ve even bought books about what flowers to plant when and how to not kill every green thing you touch. I’ve even tried to go the artsy route and make it a project. I have a few books on how to cast your own concrete planters, lawn ornaments, etc. Still nothing.

If it wasn’t for the fact that our homeowners association does our yard work for us (quarterly garden bed cleaning/upkeep, and weekly lawn mowing), I think we would just have grass, or dirt, or maybe just concrete? The furthest I’ve gone to do anything outside was add some of those little solar lights and a cute girly gnome my mom got me, and I even broke one of the lights trying to reposition it last week! Ugh.

This past week while wandering Target, I came across a white enameled airplane that was meant to go in your yard. Don’t ask why I would even be in the garden section, I couldn’t answer you. Anyway, I don’t normally like garden decor, but I DO love enameled metal decor, indoor or out. There’s just something about the sleek finish of enameled metal that I can’t ignore. So of course I bought the plane (and a replacement solar light).

The next day I placed it in my front yard and all of a sudden I have this urge to do more out there. Maybe add to the existing bushes and flowers? Maybe some flower pots? Maybe a small scale sculpted TARDIS? I don’t know yet, but I want to do something. That damn plane must have triggered something in my head!! I have no idea where to start though. The plant aisles at the nurseries stress me out, there’s just too many factors…

Any suggestions? Or anyone out there want to do the work for me!!?! Haha.

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