Behind The Scenes: “My Favorite 80′s Sweater” Quilt

Say Hello to the brightest quilt I’ll probably ever make (unless someone know where to find good quality neon fabric). It started out as a sketch in muted tones last week, but turned into randomly picking out of my Kona Cotton stash for colors with enough yardage for each piece.

I’m calling it “My Favorite 80′s Sweater” because that’s all I can think of while piecing it! I probably owned a sweater, dress or jacket that looked something like this as a kid.

This thing is seriously forcing me out of my color comfort zone. My zone normally consists of purples, teals, pink and gray… LOTS OF GRAY! And normally it’s just one of those tones mixed with gray, not all of them blended together. I’m also using this quilt to practice different methods of sewing patchwork. I’ve tried out chain piecing, which saved me loads of time, and strip piecing, which also saved time, and I’m getting better with half square triangles (which I now love, instead of fear and hate). Oh and I’m getting better at sewing long straight lines, ha, something I wasn’t that great at before.

While sewing this top together I kept thinking of better ways to do each strip, in case I ever want to sew this again, which was really neat. It’s all a learning process, and I’m loving it! I seriously can’t wait to share the finished piece! I still have three rows to go and then it’s off to someone else who will quilt it for me. So it may be a few weeks.


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