CT’s First Time In The Snow!

CT turned three this year, and yesterday was her first time playing in the snow, ever! It’s not like we live in a hot area of the country. She was just too young the first year, too scared the second year and no snow the third year, it wasn’t until her fourth winter could she FINALLY play in the snow!

She threw her first snowball (and about a dozen more), she made her first snowman,  and her first snow angel. She rode a sled for the first time, and said she never wants to do it again. She loved it all, as you can see above!!

She also had her first cup of hot chocolate (which was actually luke warm) and HATED it!! Haha. I guess she can’t love all her firsts.


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One thought on “CT’s First Time In The Snow!

  1. These are the sweetest photos! Oscar would love to come play in the snow with her, but he’s been a bit sick this week. By the way, my dogs are way too stinky to cuddle, but you can come cuddle with my kids whenever you want. I will check your bag to make sure you don’t steal my Santa cookie jar, though! ;)

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