How I Spent My Winter Vacation: Part One

I am finally back from my unscheduled “winter vacation”!
I didn’t mean to take such a long break, but I won’t lie, it was really nice. sometimes I just want to hang around and do ALMOST nothing. I figured the shop was closed, so there was no need to be 100% attached to the computer.

So what DID I do the past 3 weeks? well, let me tell you.

- First things first, CT had a birthday!! She turned the big 2! I was a little behind, as usual, so we just had a few people over. It was nice and cute. CT got to play with some of her cousins and loved everything.

I found this awesome tutorial online for a rainbow cake. I knew from tasting others rainbow cakes that I didn’t want to go all out colorful, it always tastes too much like food coloring. So I did a pastel version!

It was super easy and fun to make. I plan on trying it out a few more times.

- I hardly had time to wind down from CT’s birthday.  the decision had been made to do a mostly handmade holiday season. It would help financially, plus I could make things that were 100% custom for each person.

It was a great thought, until you think about finding time to buy/order supplies, finding all the tutorials/patterns, actually making everything while having a very energetic toddler running around. I have a large family! That means a lot of gifts.
My first plan was to make several of those yarn wreaths that you see all over the internet. I had almost all the supplies on hand, and figured I could make them at the kitchen table. Well… It didn’t quite go as planned. I ended up with a second degree burn on the entire tip of my pointer finger after making only 5 flowers! Hot glue is dangerous! I only took off a few days to give my poor finger a break. I then burned myself again while sticking flowers to one of the wreaths. It was another second degree burn, but this time my palm on the same hand. I took this as a sign to not make anymore wreaths.
In the end I finished ONE!!! I gave it to my mom.

- While looking for a new project to do for all the women in my family I became addicted to Pinterest! It’s awesome the kinds of things you can find on the internet, and a site like that can help you, sorta, organize it all.

I went a little “pin crazy”, but I’m glad I did, I found some really amazing tutorials to try out.

I’ll show them all later this week!

By the way, If you are also a Pinterest user and want to follow me, you can find my profile here. If you’ve never seen the site, you should go check it out!!

It’s good to be back and I’ll continue my recap soon…

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