How I Spent My Winter Vacation: Part Two

I thought it would be better to split my recap into two separate posts. So it wasn’t too overwhelming, and I won’t feel as bad about posting more photos!

Here’s the rest of what I did during my winter vacation…

- I ended up sewing loads of pouches for my family. I found this great tutorial on Pinterest.

I had never sewn a lined pouch before, for some reason they always scared me. This tutorial made me feel very calm about it all, and I dived right in. I was even able to use supplies I had accumulated over the years, win win. I also used some scraps to make these skinny headbands for one of my cousins. I wish I had a photo to show, they came out so neat.

- I whipped up a wood-grain quilted pillow for my sister and brother-in-law.

- I bought more sewing books, so now I have more projects to add to my “to do” list.

- We finally visited our newest twin nephews, Jack and Drew.

- I caught a few colds and spent the rest of my vacation catching up on tv and hanging out with my family. It was pretty sweet. I might make this an annual thing.

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