DIY-Book-A-Holic: Fabric Wrapped Inspiration Board

Were back on for the weekly Book-A-Holic Posts! The holidays set me back a bit, but I’m all ready to go again and have a list of things waiting to be made.

Today’s project is from a Martha Stewart book. oooooh, aaahhhh. It’s a fabric covered bulletin board from Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts.

In the book she talks about covering an entire top half of a room with a bulletin board and frames the top and bottom in molding. That’s not something I have a huge use for. Maybe it would be neat in CT’s room one day? Maybe.

I just wanted a HUGE inspiration board, something that would cover an entire wall in my sewing room, a wall that really doesn’t have much use otherwise.

I looked at buying a commercial cork board, but the prices just weren’t for me.

The way that Martha Stewart says to do it only cost me $25! and I ended up with a 4ft tall by 6ft long board! Super Awesome.

If you would like to learn more, continue reading.

The secret ingredient in this project is a material called Homasote. It’s an eco friendly building material made from recycled paper that is compressed under high temperature and pressure and held together with a glue. You can read more about it all over the internet. It was sorta hard to find in my area of Maryland, I checked Lowes and Home Depot with no luck. I eventually found it at the 84 Lumber down the street. a 4ft x 8ft piece cost $25! It’s very lightweight and easy to work with.

The only tools you’ll need are as follows:

  • xacto knife
  • yard stick, ruler or measuring tape
  • staple gun
  • drill with phillip screw bit
  • dry wall screws


We started by measuring the 6 foot length on the board, measuring ON BOTH SIDES on the same end. Make sure the line is nice and straight and visible. I used a permanent marker.

My husband did the cutting. He first cut slightly into the first side, not all the way through. Then he flipped over the board and cut the other side, again, not all the way through. By not putting too much pressure he was able to just snap the end piece off! Now I have a 2ft x 4ft leftover piece that I can use for another project.

Martha says to use store bought fabric to cover the board, but her boards were a lot shorter than mine. I thought of possibly using a drop cloth, or shower curtain. I was really set on the shower curtain, but then while doing laundry I thought of something else! How about an old sheet? I happened to have a queen sized heather grey tshirt fitted sheet that had no use anymore and was slightly worn out.

It was way bigger than I needed, and had a lot of stretch. Though if you readers out there want to try this, I’d suggest not going with the tshirt material, it was actually kinda hard to work with.

I laid out the sheet on the ground, top side down. Then I just placed the homasote on top of it. Now is the time to get your staple gun out! Starting in the middle staple down one side, then move over to the opposite side and stretch the fabric as far as you can and staple again. Keep doing this on all the sides until you get the corners. They were a bit tricky for me. I just stretched as much as possible and made it as clean and smooth as possible.

Above you can see the finished piece, before it has been hung.

I apologize for the crappy flash photo, the days just seem to be shorter and shorter.

It didn’t take many screw to get it to hang safely. The middle screw are in studs, and the rest aren’t. Homasote hardly weighs a thing.

I LOVE the way it turned out, it was exactly what that wall needed! Now I have somewhere to put all the cool things I’ve collected, the random pattern pieces and anything else super small!

Maybe this will get me motivated enough to finish the whole room.

If any of you out there try this project, I’d love to see photos!!!

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