Giveaways: Part Two

I’m finally ready to announce our second giveaway… the JEWELRY giveaway!

I’m really excited about all the new pieces I’ve been working on. So why not have a giveaway including one of them? This will also gear me up for the release of four new designs next week… I’ll announce them the same time I announce a winner.

So now onto the prize…

We are giving away One Custom Fragmented Necklace!!

I will hand cast any color combo, in any of the available shapes, the winner chooses. It can be simple, or crazy. Neon colors, earth toned colors or nice and neutral colors! It’s all the winners choice.

Now for the technical talk, again:

There are two ways to enter this giveaway! The first way is to comment on this here post telling me your favorite color combos, not just combos we’ve used, but your absolute favorite! (my favorite is Gray and Teal!). The second way to enter is to mention this giveaway somewhere else, just post a comment with the link!

Make sure they are two separate comments! That way you get counted twice!!

This giveaway will run for a little less than SEVEN days, to give everyone a chance. So you have until Saturday, April 21st to enter. I’ll choose a winner by random on Sunday and notify thm right away!

After the winner chooses a color, it may take up to two weeks to cast the piece and have it shipped out.

Good Luck Everyone!


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