I Recovered My Dollar Chair!

A little while back I shared one of my favorite thrift store finds, the $1.00 chair! I loved the faux wood veneer, that was in perfect condition, but hated the gross velvety cushion.


That’s the chair above. I wasn’t 100% about what fabric I wanted to use to recover it. So I just placed it in the corner until I decided. I didn’t want to rush into anything! A few days later I received some new fabric from spoonflower that was meant to be a new runner, but I realized it was better suited for the chair!! I was so excited I started recovering it right away!!





I just unscrewed the cushion from the chair and ripped off all the piping and fabric. My plan was to add some new, custom made, black piping back on. I trashed that plan halfway through, after making the piping! Stretching the fabric on was super easy and it actually ended up looking better without the piping!
All together the whole project took me about an hour, and I’m super happy with the finished piece.


It now resides in a cozy corner of my newly decorated dining room! (which I’ll share more of later this week!!!)

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