Thrift Finds: May 9th thru June 25th

I’ve been saying I can’t buy anything else until I find a place for all the things I already own. Well, I slipped! I took a few trips to thrift stores, looking for frames for things I already owned, and it all snow balled from there…


I found a bunch of Pyrex, like I needed more!

More travel plates, a new salt and pepper shaker set (for my dining room), some Pez for the family collection and an old toy from Back to the Future!!

In the next photo set you can see more travel plates, a vase in the shape on ice skates and a new Amish hex.

I also found a good sized chalk board, a travel typewriter in great condition and a leather carry on bag made in Japan. CT loved the typewriter and insisted on showing me how to use it.

In the last photo you can see all the pieces my mom and grandmother found!!! I know have a complete Pyrex butter bowl set, butter dish set and gravy bought with plate. Plus my grandmother found a second gravy bowl plate for my unfinished set!

Every single piece pictured has already found a home in our home and is settling down nicely. which means I get to go to thrift stores all the time again!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Thrift Finds: May 9th thru June 25th

    • Thanks! I keep finding all of these travel plates and I seriously have no idea where to put them permanently. I have two plate walls already and kinda feel silly starting a third. haha. oh and the Hex signs are everywhere where I live, where are you located?

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