Mini Vacation: Dutch Wonderland

CT has been watching a lot of Phineas and Ferb, and now really wanted to ride a roller coaster!! She’s 2.5 years old, so it’s kind of an impossible request, unless I want to be voted “worst mom of the year”!
We are already planning a trip to Disney World in December, but to hold CT over until then we decided to take a mini vacation. We chose Lancaster, PA because they have this adorable little amusement park there called Dutch Wonderland. It is pretty much made for little kids. About half the rides there CT could ride either on her own, or with us. It also nice for us since it’s only a 2.5 hour drive from our house. Though, we stopped at so many shops on the way up it ended up taking about 5 hours… I’ll write a whole other post about that tomorrow.


We were a little worried the trip would be a bust since CT has been scared of pretty much everything lately. To get her excited we watched YouTube videos about the park the whole week beforehand. She watched them so carefully that when we saw a billboard on the way up she got excited. She even knew what the front of the park looked like!
Her first ride to try out was the carousel! She loved it, so much so she wanted to “go again”! That was a great sign!




CT enjoyed every single ride she went on, she even tried a few twice! We asked which ones were her favorite and she liked the horsey ride (carousel) and the train.
Oh and she was even tall enough to ride the log flume, accompanied by an adult of course. My husband and my father in law went with her and she wasn’t scared at all. Soooo AWESOME! Now we know our Disney trip won’t be a waste and CT got to ride roller-coasters! Sorta, we told her the log flume was a roller-coaster. It worked. It was an awesome weekend, and if any of you have little ones and live near Lancaster I highly recommend taking a day/weekend trip!

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