Shop Update: All The Colors!

Shopupdate_72513_001Shopupdate_72513_002Shopupdate_72513_006Shopupdate_72513_004Shopupdate_72513_005Shopupdate_72513_003I’ve been having a lot of fun taking product photos lately. I’m not rushing like I use to, I’m actually thinking through each pieces background color and angle. I think switching over to Etsy helped with this. When I had my own stand alone shop, I wanted everything to be consistent and streamlined. I always used a natural wood background, and shot all the pieces the same. Now I am enjoying the look of all the different colors and how they emphasize the piece being photographed.

I also know its not “good” to use super colorful backgrounds, and that if you want to be featured on a blog or in a magazine you need ready to go photos on white background. At least thats what Ive been told over and over the past ten years. I don’t know if its true, but I do know that all of the above images make me smile, and I’m proud of them!

So onto the actual shop update… I’ve added a few embroidered bird brooches, a couple new necklaces, a pair of adorable earrings and a few rings! Check them out and let me know what you think!!

I just placed an order for new casting supplies and some fun new pigments (glow in the dark anyone!!?!). I also have a bunch of new designs coming in from the laser cutters and the 3D printers. I’m ready to experiment! Which also means, I’m open for some custom requests. I already have a small list for Blythe eyes, and a few arrow hairpins, so don’t feel shy if you’d like something special too. I really do love requests! It makes what I do fun and interactive.

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