Spinning Icosahedron Quilt: Layout & Color Options V.1

Spinning Icosahedron Quilt {an Art School Dropout's life}

It’s been almost a week since the Spinning Icosahedron Mini Quilt Pattern¬†was released! I have sold a good amount, and with that I have also received a bunch of questions and requests.

I have decided to do a few blog posts that will answer the most common questions I have received so far. This first post I will show a couple ways to change the layout around and share the exact fabrics I used in the above sample!


Spinning Icosahedron Quilt: Layout Options {an Art School Dropout's life} Art School Dropout Patterns / PDF / Quilt / Table RunnerThe first option is a table runner! Each of the blocks in the PDF pattern are 8″ square finished. There are nine total, so you could very easily customize the length of the table runner, by just adding or subtracting a block or three. In the above example I chose the first four rotations and laid them out to make an 8″x32″ table runner, which would be perfect for my sideboard or the couch table I’m currently building.

There is no extra pieces with this option!

Spinning Icosahedron Quilt: Layout Options {an Art School Dropout's life} Art School Dropout Patterns / PDF / Quilt / Table RunnerThe Icosahedron blocks are very modern, which makes them perfect for quilts with a lot of negative space. Above I have shown two options. Though there are actually MANY!

The one on the left only uses Rotation #001 through #006. However you could add more blocks to equal a longer quilt with more negative space. I just liked the way this one looked. Once you have all six blocks pieced in a row, you would attached a background piece measuring 6.5″x48.5″ to the left side, and a piece measuring 22.5″x48.5″ to the right.

The quilt on the right is pieced somewhat similar, except I did Rotation #001 through #008. The first four blocks would be pieced together, left to right and then do the same for the last four. Once you have them together, attach the first row to the top, or long edge, of a 32.5″x26.5″ piece of background fabric. Then attach the second row to the bottom.

Both of these options are endless! Just change the size of the blocks around the Icosahedrons and you have a completely different size or shape.

It has also been suggested that these could be turned into 16″ pillows by using four blocks each pillow. Another person suggested a set of trivets or placemats. The options really are endless. If you have an idea, please share it! I’ll even make a mock-up of what it would look like.


Today I’m just going to share the exact colors used in the sample quilt above. However I do plan on sharing other options using different brands solids. I’m just waiting on some color cards to come in.

For the sample I used Kona Cotton by Robert Kaufman. I’ve listed them in a way that matches the pattern instructions andI’ve also included the number Robert Kaufman has assigned each color. Don’t worry, it’s not some weird code:

  • AA & Binding = Navy/1243
  • BB = Celestial/233
  • CC & JJ = Cyan/151
  • DD & LL = Teal Blue/1373
  • EE & MM = Peacock/1282
  • FF = Coal/1080
  • GG, KK & TT = Bahama Blue/1011
  • NN = Caribbean/1064
  • OO = Turquoise/1376
  • PP & SS = Lagoon/139
  • QQ = Aqua/1005
  • RR = Charcoal/1071
  • Background = Shadow/457

A Fat Eighth of all the pieced colors except Navy should do the job. Then about 3/4 a yard of the background fabric, a half yard of Navy for binding and 3/4 yard of whatever you choose for the backing fabric (I used more Kona Shadow).

What color combinations would you like to see when I do the next blog post? Is there a brand you’d rather me try out?

Paper Version of this Pattern:

My original plan was to wait and see how well the pattern sold before I even thought about a paper pattern. However I already have some shops and others asking about it. So I researched pricing and sizing. I’ve even picked out a printer and have the file set up and ready to go. Most shops say they would prefer a 12″ block, since they are looking at this as an art quilt. I am also loving the idea of a 12″ block! What are your thoughts? I love hearing all sides.

Ok, That is all for today! I’ll be back later in the week with the first batch of color options, along with some other goodies. If you are thinking about trying out the pattern and you read through this entire blog post, then as a “Thank You!” here is a 20% off coupon that can be used in my Etsy Shop (there is patterns and necklace preorders there!) Coupon Code: SpinningQuilts ! The coupon will expire midnight April 28th, so act fast!



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  1. I want to see purples! I really wanna make this, but wanna do like a lavender to a dark purple (bluey purples), but I think all the purples might blend well together.

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