Black Friday Sale & Shop Update

blackfriday_shopupdate_2013_banner blackfriday_shopupdate_2013It’s that time of the year! I am mostly prepared.

I have added loads of arrow accessories and a few small home goods to the shop and to go along with the whole Black friday theme, I’m also having a sale…

20% off all orders over $20, using coupon code “blackfridayagain”, during checkout.

Plus any order over $50 will also receive a free gift! I have a little box full of arrow necklaces, star hairpins, triangle rings and more that I haven’t taken photos of yet. My daughter will help me choose the free gift for each order, so it will be completely random!

This Black Friday offer will expire Saturday night at midnight EST. If you happen to miss out, don’t worry, I have something planned for Cyber Monday too.

I will most likely be closing up shop for the year, early in the morning on December 7th. With CT’s birthday coming up in two weeks and a bunch of other events, I don’t think I could keep up. So if heres something you really wanted to get, now is the time! I don’t plan to reopen until the first week of January 2014.

Good luck out there shopping today and be safe. I stay in every year, but I hear it gets pretty crazy!!!

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Sneak Peek: Friday’s Shop Update

arrowhair_darkgrayl_silverglitter_002I’m probably insane, but I decided to partake in all the Black Friday craziness. I am working on a huge update that will pretty much be arrow themed. Arrow hairpins, arrow earrings, arrow wall decor and a few arrow ornaments! Arrows, Arrows and more arrows!

There will also be a coupon code involved, but I won’t give that part away until Friday morning, early! So keep an eye out, if you REALLY like arrows!

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Adventures in Casting: Piles of Arrows

arrows_001I have been working super hard lately on new designs and tweaking older designs. I have a craft fair coming up in September, plus I want to be prepared for the holiday season.

I am super happy with the colorways this time around and how clean my molds came out. It was actually the best batch I’ve EVER done! I hardly had to clean edges or sand down spills. Seriously PERFECT! I’m so thankful for this too, since a lot of my newest designs require things to fit together and be the same thickness. I’m not prepared to share those just yet though. I kinda want to share them as finished pieces.

For now though I can share my newly re-designed arrow necklaces!! They are much smoother, shinier and slightly thicker. The super smooth mold made it so I could do clear and semi opaque colorways, and even mixed pieces!! I can’t wait to add these to the shop!

Keep an eye out for all my other new pieces. I’ll be adding them to my Etsy shop in batches throughout the month!

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