Behind the Scenes: Preparing for BlytheCon


In early August I took a trip to Seattle, WA to be a vendor at BlytheCon 2014. I spent most of June and July preparing for the show. There was lots of casting, cutting, sewing and building.

I had documented some of it over on Instagram and thought it would be neat to put it all together here on the blog.

Blythecon_prep_007 Blythecon_prep_006 Blythecon_prep_005 Blythecon_prep_004 Blythecon_prep_003 Blythecon_prep_002 I had a lot of fun coming up with new designs and trying to figure out how to make a display that would fit in my suitcase. The show itself was sort of a bust (I’ll talk more about that later) but the trip was great! I can’t wait to share more.

 Also, if you are new here and would like to keep up on all the new projects I will be posting then please add me on BlogLovin!

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Adventures in Casting: Home Decor

HSH_banner_WIPIve had this idea in my head lately to try and make more pieces for the home, instead of the body. It might have something to do with cabin fever or the fact that I always feel like changing things up a bit in winter, but whatever the reason, I’m excited.

The first piece I’ve tested out is shown above. They are hand cast plastic “Home Sweet Home” banners. Hopefully the first in a series I’ve been dreaming up. I want a full range of colors before I add them to the shop, so it might be a week or two before I get proper photos.

What are your thoughts? Any colors I NEED to make?

Adventures in Casting: Piles of Arrows

arrows_001I have been working super hard lately on new designs and tweaking older designs. I have a craft fair coming up in September, plus I want to be prepared for the holiday season.

I am super happy with the colorways this time around and how clean my molds came out. It was actually the best batch I’ve EVER done! I hardly had to clean edges or sand down spills. Seriously PERFECT! I’m so thankful for this too, since a lot of my newest designs require things to fit together and be the same thickness. I’m not prepared to share those just yet though. I kinda want to share them as finished pieces.

For now though I can share my newly re-designed arrow necklaces!! They are much smoother, shinier and slightly thicker. The super smooth mold made it so I could do clear and semi opaque colorways, and even mixed pieces!! I can’t wait to add these to the shop!

Keep an eye out for all my other new pieces. I’ll be adding them to my Etsy shop in batches throughout the month!

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Donuts and Glitter

I was prepping and unpacking a bunch of my new supplies today, when I felt the need to photograph some of them! These are all supplies to be used in my next batch of plastic pieces, even the little donuts I found! How cute are they?!? I have this new love for glitter, and I can’t wait to use them all!

I am planning on casting again next week, as long as everything falls into place. I have a few new designs in the works, plus some modified versions from the last batch (medium sized arrows anyone?). I’m excited!

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Behind The Scenes: A Tiny Colorful Mess

Fun Fact: no matter how great you are at casting plastic, you still have to clean every single piece!

I have been doing this for years and I’m very good at making the molds, but no matter how good they are, the castings edges still need to be cleaned. I hate the cleaning, since its done with a craft knife, but I do love the leftover shavings!

I’ve been keeping it all lately for an upcoming project. My husbands hate it all because it goes EVERYWHERE! It sticks to you and gets stuck in the carpets. Our poor vacuum probably hates it too! But it’s sooo pretty to look at and touch. I wish I had been keeping all the shavings all along, I bet it would look neat in a jar or something…

Hmmmm, I think I need to go find a jar ASAP!

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Behind the Scenes: New Necklaces!!!

Remember back in January when I said I finally had new 3D printed designs? Well, after weeks of waiting for the prototypes to come in from the printers, and then a little longer for the revised prototypes to come in… I finally have something to show you!!

3D printed original, each necklace is two components, one a custom bezel and the other the piece that fits in. A mold was made of each of the designs and I then reproduced them all in a load of different colored plastic! Some earth toned, some bright and some neon!!

I expect to have the first three new designs up in the shop by the end of the weekend. I have 12 different colorways of two of the designs and three colorways of the little monster faces. They still don’t have a name… any suggestions?

several other designs will be debuted at the end of the month, I’m still waiting on the revised pieces to come in. I just couldn’t wait to show everyone!!!


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