Close Ups: Juxtapose Necklaces

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous! The sun was nice, bright and warm. PERFECT photo weather! Of course I took advantage of it. I now have about two weeks worth of product photos to edit and I couldn’t be happier.

I edited the Juxtapose Necklaces first, because I was excited to see them. I was so happy with the final close up photos that I just had to share some of them! They feel sorta dramatic to me. Kinda personal too. I’m thinking of printing off the top one to hang in my sewing room, as a colorful reminder of where I started.

Fun Fact: One of my favorite things is taking macro or up close photos. I love being able to capture detail that sometimes the naked eye can’t even see. I seriously prefer it over the everyday, real world around me photos. I wonder what that says about me?

If anyone is interested, all of these necklaces have been added to the shop, or were already in the shop but have updated photos now!

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Behind The Scenes: A Tiny Colorful Mess

Fun Fact: no matter how great you are at casting plastic, you still have to clean every single piece!

I have been doing this for years and I’m very good at making the molds, but no matter how good they are, the castings edges still need to be cleaned. I hate the cleaning, since its done with a craft knife, but I do love the leftover shavings!

I’ve been keeping it all lately for an upcoming project. My husbands hate it all because it goes EVERYWHERE! It sticks to you and gets stuck in the carpets. Our poor¬†vacuum¬†probably hates it too! But it’s sooo pretty to look at and touch. I wish I had been keeping all the shavings all along, I bet it would look neat in a jar or something…

Hmmmm, I think I need to go find a jar ASAP!

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