Thrift Finds: April 27th thru May 1st

This past week was pretty nice for thrifting!
We didn’t get in as much as usual because we stopped by my little sisters new house and helped out a teeny bit. She moved in about a mile away, and we could actually walk from the path near our house right to hers. Crazy.


We found a bunch at goodwill for once. Everything from the first photo was found for under $10. The little girl prints are going in CT’s room. The wooden shelves are going to get painted white and will house some of my vinyl toys. The hershey park plate will go with all the rest. The Dr. Suess books are for CT and everything else hasn’t found a home yet.
The second and third pictures are things found at flea markets. More Pyrex, of course!
Plus one of the ladies at a place we frequent found me that huge ceramic christmas tree!!! My grandmother had one when I was growing up, and she put it out every year for the holidays on her built in hall tree. I always played with the huge light bulbs. I’ve been searching for one for awhile now and I mentioned it while checking out last week. They said each vendor had at least one, so they could find the exact one I needed, and they did. It took them less than 12 hours to locate that thing. I went to pick it up this past weekend and while I was there I found that little matching tree. Hopefully this doesn’t make me want to collect more. Two is usually the start of a collection for me… Ha.

check these out! My other grandmother has been on the lookout for things I collect too. She found me a piece of Pyrex and a Seattle plate to match the rest of my travel plates!! Both a $1. How cool is that?

Oh and remember last week when I talked about the huge sideboard I found? Well we finally picked it up this past weekend and it fit PERFECTLY in our dinning room. Its super long and wide. Now I have a place for my Pyrex and all my quilting supplies (I prefer to quilt outside of my sewing room, more space). All it needs is a pair of lamps and a runner. I think I already know what kinds.

So, We’re headed to Lancaster, PA soon for a very short trip, maybe I’ll have more to share afterwards!

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