Another Year, Another Anniversary!


It just sounds crazier every year! Art School Dropout is 13?!! My business is now a true teenager. It had a rough patch there during puberty, but I think we are on the right path again. I have a giveaway planned for later in the month, but for now I’m having a teeny tiny sale…


40% off all patterns in the Etsy pattern shop! Just use coupon code “ASD13” during checkout to get the discount.

Make sure to check back in two weeks for the giveaway I mentioned! I wish i could have hosted it sooner, but I’ve been working my butt off prepping for my trip to Spring Quilt Market in Salt Lake City this week. If any of you remember the horror story from last year, please wish me all the luck for this year! I am staying four extra days this time around, so expect a few blog posts all about my trip when I get back.

My teenage business and I are very excited!

Bust Your Scrap Fabric Stash with a Half-Square Triangle Quilt for Sizzix!

Bust Your Scrap Fabric Stash with a Half-Square Triangle Quilt for Sizzix! by Jessee {an Art School Dropout's life}

Today on the Sizzix blog I share a step by step tutorial on how I pieced this super scrap fabric busting half-square triangle quilt. There’s loads of photos and illustrations, plus I timed most of the process. Also, it was my absolute first custom quilt on my new longarm!! (which I now realize I never blogged about, I need to get on that!)

Bust Your Scrap Fabric Stash with a Half-Square Triangle Quilt for Sizzix! by Jessee {an Art School Dropout's life}

So head on over to read the full blog post.

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Trick or Treat Mini Quilt Swap: How to Make a Square Mosaic for Instagram

I love swaps, and I like talking about it, A LOT!

So of course when a certain friend of mine who really loves Halloween suggested I host a Halloween swap, I said “GREAT IDEA!”

#trickortreatminiquiltswap / Jessee Maloney {an Art School Dropout's life}

We called it the Trick or Treat Mini Quilt Swap, and had around 108 participants sign up in only 12 hours! Crazy, right? I had to turn off the submission form because I didn’t want to overwhelm myself the first time hosting one of these.

Something different I tried out with this swap was taking on brand new swappers! I thought everyone should have a chance to do a swap, and I didn’t mind helping everyone along.

That brings me to today’s tutorial. It’s a bit different than most of my sewing tutorials, since there isn’t any sewing involved, but I promise it’s useful!

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Spinning Icosahedron Quilt: Layout & Color Options V.1

Spinning Icosahedron Quilt {an Art School Dropout's life}

It’s been almost a week since the Spinning Icosahedron Mini Quilt Pattern¬†was released! I have sold a good amount, and with that I have also received a bunch of questions and requests.

I have decided to do a few blog posts that will answer the most common questions I have received so far. This first post I will show a couple ways to change the layout around and share the exact fabrics I used in the above sample!

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Silhouette America Creative Team: Call for Applications!

CreativeTeamCall_2015blogSilhouette America is looking for new members for their 2015-16 Creative Team (what was called the Design Team). Applications are open until February 13th and you can find all of the information on their blog, here. You can see some examples of the work I did for them here.

I will not be applying for another year. Not because I didn’t enjoy it! I totally did. It was so much fun testing out all of their supplies and files, plus it forced me out of a creative zone. Something I really needed this past year. So Thank you Silhouette for everything!! (especially you Jeana!)

Originally I wasn’t going to re-apply because I wanted to go out and try more stuff and didn’t know how that would work with my Silhouette schedule (since I really struggled juggling everything when I was sick this past fall and winter). Now it’s because I will be part of a new design team come April 1st, where the schedule isn’t as packed. I’ll share more the closer it gets.

I will continue to post tutorials using my Silhouette CAMEO in the same fashion I did on their blog, so keep an eye out for those! I still have sooooo many ideas!