Thrift Finds: June 26th thru July 14th

We’ve been having some great luck at the thrift shops and antique malls lately. Maybe it’s because we go more often? Or on better days?


So first off we found an awesome globe with all the current countries in the correct places for $5! CT loves it. I found some glasbake soup bowls, one says “souper bowl” and the says “soup’s on”. Their a great weight and really big! I also found a teeny tiny plate for my plate wall!!

We stumbled upon a load of books at our local Goodwill, all new and in perfect condition!! Most were around $1 some or the larger ones like the Martha Stewart cooking book and Weird US were around $2.50. The pile shown is mine, my husband had a pile all his own but he put them all on the shelf as soon as we got home! No pictures! I also found a few vintage Raggedy Ann (and Andy) books with beautiful illustrations inside, plus a  Raggedy Ann paper doll kit, also in great condition. I LOVE Raggedy Ann, and Andy, since I was little. I had a few dolls and books, plus 3 foot tall stuffed versions!! (they went great with my 3 foot tall smurf that I STILL own). I now wonder how I wasn’t scared of them as a small child??

Last weekend we took a day trip up to a few spots in PA and thats where I found the awesome vintage Pyrex pictured above! I finally have a square casserole AND a snowflake piece. Plus I picked up a Mickey Mouse Club glass and an Avon bottle in the shape of the Capital!! (I love travel related stuff, plus I’ve lived close to DC my entire life). CT found a bunch of Pez she didnt have, and has already incorporated them into her collection (shes up to about 116 pieces now!!)

The bright red mickey shown wasn’t from a thrifting trip, I found him on Ebay, I just really wanted to share him! He looks like he came out of one of the Mold-A-Rama machines back in the day. I’ve loved those machines ever since seeing one in the show Wonderfalls. Ive only ever seen one in person, and it was at the Field Museum in Chicago, I got a green dinosaur! Does anyone reading this live near one of these awesome machines?? Or does anyone live near Rotofugi in Chicago? (they have a machine now with a TIM BISKUP design in it!!!!) Let me know, I’d love to trade some jewelry or such for a molded wax figure!!

Ah, and again last on my life of finds was from my mom! I saw these at a thrift shop near here house a few weeks back, but it was all bundled up and I really only wanted to shakers. So I passed on them. I regret it about 30 minutes into our drive home so I called her to see if she could pick them up. She went back the next day and bought them, and they were even cheaper!! She just dropped them off last week and I am so excited to have them!!! :) Though I’m only keeping two, I’m giving the other set to a friend who has a way bigger Pyrex collection than I could dream of!

Due to the Fab sale, I probably wont be doing much thrifting for a bit. When I do start again I’ll of course share it all here!

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Thrift Finds: March 30th thru April 18th

The weather is sooo much nicer, and it hasn’t rained super hard in awhile. It has been perfect weather for going to thrift stores, flea markets,yard sales and antique malls. I’ve been documenting my amazing finds on Instagram, but I thought it would be neat to show it all on here too!

Be warned, it’s been a good couple of weeks, so there’s a few photos!

As you can see, my pyrex collection, that WAS small, has grown A LOT! Plus I found a bunch of travel plates for my plate collection, a cute little desk for CT, a mini house for my house collection, a set of mugs for my Disney collection, an awesome silver plated jewelry box and THE KARATE KID (with arm chopping motion)!!

I think I may have said the word “collection” a few too many times, but I’m that kind of girl. The collecting kind.


oh and if anyone wants to see my daily finds, the day I find them, my Instagram user name is jesseesuem.


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