Culler Lake

This past weekend my baby brother and sister came up to visit, and to help out with some product photos. We were originally going to take picture in the neighborhood, but there was just too much construction. So instead we headed to Frederick since there is an abundance of places to take photos there. Plus there’s loads of restaurants to eat at!!

After lunch we ended up at Culler Lake, which is kinda part of Baker Park. It’s a cute little lake with ducks and all. It was perfect for taking pictures! CT and my brother were able to play and my husband was able to hang out on a bench.

My adorable sister Cori was really awesome about taking so many pictures too! Seriously, I took A LOT of photos!!

Funny thing, I have been making jewelry for almost 10 years, and somehow this is the first time I’ve ever taken pictures of my jewelry on a real live person!!! How weird is that? I’m pretty new to portraits where the jewelry is the main focus and not the person, and I’m not too sure about how they came out. I’m very happy with my sister in the shots, but I don’t think I did well focusing on the jewelry. I guess I’ll get better with lighting, composition and all the more I try?


Anyone have some pointers?


Happy Easter!

Yesterday was CT’s first time dying eggs, and of course she loved it!! Most of the eggs were dyed a few different colors on top of each other, because she just kept going! She was mostly careful and hardly got anything on her, which was nice. (she would have freaked out otherwise)

When we finished the first thing out of her mouth was “Now we can eat them!”. So we peeled the shell off of one and gave it to her, she looked super disappointed and when we asked her why she said “I thought they were candy inside!”. Awww!!! Luckily, she still ate most it.

Today were mostly just hanging around the house and then later will be visiting family an hour or so away for festivities and such. It’s a tradition of sorts.

I hope everyone who celebrates is having a great day!! Happy Easter!


Handmade Gifts: December 2012

Sorry for the Instagram photos, I was rushing all month to get things finished and wrapped and didn’t get the time to “properly” photograph everything!

From top left…

  • a doctor who pouch for my friend Molly
  • a Pyrex inspired pouch for my friend Tasha
  • the Modern Maples quilt I mentioned earlier this week for my sister Ashley
  • a hedgehog pillow for my sister Cori (using the paper piecing pattern I found here. Oh and this was my first time trying paper piecing! I’m in love!)
  • a pillow for my grandmother using the Modern Maples blocks.
  • a hedgehog pouch for my sister Cori (as you can see, she loves hedgehogs, she even has one)
  • two Tangled inspired dresses for nieces.

I actually made a few other things too, but they haven’t been gifted yet.

It was all a lot of fun to make, but I am beyond exhausted. New rule: Start sewing gifts in the summer!!!!!

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I Am A Crazy Lady…

My original gift giving plan was quilts. Loads of Quilts. I had these grand dreams of giving all my immediate family members quilts. Well, as the title of this post says, I am a crazy lady! I realized halfway through the month of December that I would be lucky to even finish one quilt, let alone four. If it was just me here, alone everyday, they would have been finished no problem. But it’s not just me, I’m here with two other human beings who deserve my attention way more than my sewing machine, especially when they both kept getting sick! Damn December and all your sicknesses.

I went through the list of what I wanted to finish and picked out one quilt to do, the Modern Maples quilt by Amanda of Hey Porkchop! that can be found in Pretty in Patchwork: Holidays. (the book has a lot of great patterns, not just this one. I highly recommend it). It’s something different than what I normally sew, and it’s just soo pretty! My sister Ashley really likes fall colors and such, so I thought it would be perfect for her.

It’s now three days after Christmas, and I wish I could say I finished this project!! Ha. I was able to piece the front completely, all 18 leaf blocks and 12 solid blocks. I was also able to piece together the back.

Just so my sister  and brother-in-law didn’t think they were getting nothing this year, I wrapped the half finished quilt with a note saying I would quilt it and return it to them very soon. I’m hoping to have it finished by this weekend, as long as we don’t all get sick…

As for everyone else, I decided to make smaller sewn gifts, which I’m going to share on Monday!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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CT’s First Time In The Snow!

CT turned three this year, and yesterday was her first time playing in the snow, ever! It’s not like we live in a hot area of the country. She was just too young the first year, too scared the second year and no snow the third year, it wasn’t until her fourth winter could she FINALLY play in the snow!

She threw her first snowball (and about a dozen more), she made her first snowman,  and her first snow angel. She rode a sled for the first time, and said she never wants to do it again. She loved it all, as you can see above!!

She also had her first cup of hot chocolate (which was actually luke warm) and HATED it!! Haha. I guess she can’t love all her firsts.