December Crafternoon

december2013_crafternoon_001 december2013_crafternoon_002 december2013_crafternoon_003 december2013_crafternoon_004 december2013_crafternoon_005I don’t think I’ve written about Heidi’s crafternoons in awhile. I missed last months, and the month before was just crazy pants for me.

This month’s crafternoon was Christmas themed and we made cardboard Putz Houses. It was a kinda intricate craft and a bit frustrating, but still fun as usual. Everyone also brought cookies for a cookie swap (that I was totally unprepared for), and they all looked SO YUMMY!

I always forget how much I miss seeing everyone until after I leave one of these events. I can’t wait until the next one!

Jack-O’-Lantern Macarons

For this past weekends crafternoon, I thought it would be neat to make some halloween themed goodies. I was originally going to try a chocolate pumpkin pie recipe I saw online, but I didn’t have much time since our plane got in late on Friday and the party was Saturday. I can almost make macarons in my sleep, so I went ahead and made them instead.

I had the idea while we were away to add little faces to some of the macarons. I had always seen those Wilton Foodwriter markers while craft supply shopping, so I thought those might work. I made sure we stopped by AC Moore after we left the airport Friday, totally cutting it close! Ha!

They totally worked! I had to be very gentle, otherwise I’d have cracked the shell of the cookies. They don’t smudge, or run. It was actually a lot of fun making sure all the faces were different. Some were sad, some were happy, and one was crazy! I really love how they came out. I made a bunch for the party, a few for my neighbors (they were awesome and picked up all my UPS packages while we were gone) and a few for my family.

The orange ones are pumpkin spice flavored with chocolate buttercream as the filing, and the black ones are chocolate flavored with vanilla buttercream as the filling. All the colors came out exactly as I pictured, and so did the little faces. I really need to find other uses for these pens, their awesome!


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